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Guitars Basses
1950s/1960s Era Pickup Wiring Schematics 1980 Bass Care Instructions (included with instrument) (PDF)
1977 CM140 Stereo Wiring Diagram 501-B Active Bass Module 11/20/96 (PDF)
1980 Guitar and Bass Control Layout (from catalog) 506-P Active Bass Module with Piezo 11/02/00 (PDF)
1980 Guitar and Bass Control Layout (included with instrument) (PDF) A500-B3 Active Bass Module  11/30/90 (PDF)
1988 Guitar and Bass Control Layouts Optional Bass Midrange Control 7/7/94 (PDF)
1990 A500 Active Guitar & Bass Control Layout HB Pickup Wiring (PDF)
Pickup Wiring Schematic (Stereo, Phase Switch, Coil Splitters)  
Contemporary Pickup Kit Wiring Instructions (PDF)  
502-G Active Electronics Module  11/20/96 (PDF)  
503-A Active Electronics (Acoustic) with Piezo 11/20/96 (PDF)  
G8 Active Electronics Module for AE-185  2/2/94 (PDF)  
Guitar Amplifiers Bass Amplifiers

VTR-2800 Amplifier Manual & Schematics (PDF)

Pro Bass 150 Master Connect 11/9/92 (PDF)

VTX & STX Series Guitar Amplifiers (PDF)

Pro Bass Preamp PCB Schematic rev K 10/5/93 (PDF)

X-60, X-100B, XV-112, XV-212 Schematics 5/23/84 (PDF)

Pro Bass 300 Master Connect 4/30/92 (PDF)

X-60B, X-100B, XV-112, XV-212 Schematics Rev. K 3/24/84 (PDF)

B1500 Bass Amplifier 12/19/01 (PDF)

X-50B, X-60, X-100B, XV-112, XV-212, XT-112 Schematics 7/20/90 (PDF)

PB100/PB200 Bass Amplifier rev B 8/23/96 (PDF)

X Series Tube Amp Output Section 1/16/81 (PDF)

PB100/PB200 Bass Amplifier rev C 8/23/96 (PDF)

X Amp Series III Output Section 3/28/82 (PDF)

PB100/PB200 Bass Amplifier rev D 10/27/99 (PDF)

X-100B Preamp Rev. H3 5/26/83 (PDF)

PB200 Bass Amplifier rev G 6/5/00 (PDF)

X-100B Preamp 3/28/82 (PDF)

PB200 Bass Amplifier rev I 6/5/00 (PDF)

X-100B Poweramp (PDF)

R600 Bass Amplifier rev D 12/18/97 (PDF)

MTS3200 Master Tube Series Schematic (PDF)

R600/R1000 Bass Amplifier rev H 7/21/98 (PDF)

Quad X Amp Block Diagram (PDF)

R600/R1000 Bass Amplifier rev I 11/5/99 (PDF)

Quad X Amp Tube Board (PDF)

R600/R1000 Bass Amplifier rev K 4/14/00 (PDF)
Quad X Amp EQ (PDF) R600/R1000 Bass Amplifier rev N 10/11/00 (PDF)
Quad X Amp MIDI Interface (PDF)  
Quad X Amp Channel Master (PDF)  
Quad X Amp Master Connect (PDF)  
Quad X Amp Power Module (PDF)  
Quad X Amp System Master Analog (PDF)  
Legacy VL100 & VL212 Schematics (PDF)  
Vintage 16 Schematic (PDF)  
Vintage 33 Schematic rev C 4/8/94 (PDF)  
Vintage 50 Schematic (PDF)  

Classic 100 Power Amp Schematic (PDF)


SX200 Schematic (PDF)


SX200 Power/AC Schematic (PDF)


SX200 Preamp Schematic (PDF)


Valve Master Schematic (PDF)

Valve Master Owner's Manual page 1 page 2 page 3
page 4 page 5
1981 X Amp w/ 2 Master Controls Output Section (PDF)  
Mixers Pro Audio
CX842 Mixer System Master rev E 12/1/94 (PDF) EQ2015 Schematic rev B 7/17/00 (PDF)
CX872/CX1272 Mixer System Master 12/1/94 (PDF) EQ2030 Schematic rev B 7/17/00 (PDF)
C1644 Mixer 8-Channel Input PCB 8/29/01 (PDF) XC3000 3-Way Crossover Schematic 12/8/93 (PDF)
C1644 Series Switching Power Supply rev B 8/2/01 (PDF) XC3000 Thru-Hole 12/8/93 (PDF)
C1644 Series System Master rev C 8/2/01 (PDF) 500W Stereo Power Module 11/23/93 (PDF)
C1644 Series System Master rev E 6/25/02 (PDF)  
C1644P 4 Ch Power Amp 12/15/02 (PDF)  
C1644 4 Buss Master Dual DSP rev E 6/24/02 (PDF)  
8 Buss Stereo rev E 11/23/99 (PDF)  
PA410/620 Power Section rev C 1/23/01 (PDF)  
PA410/620 System Master rev C 1/23/01 (PDF)  
PA800/1200 Front Panel System Master rev D-E 6/7/01 (PDF)  
CX00/1200 3-Channel Power Amp rev D 6/7/01 (PDF)  
SL24, SL40, SL56 Studio/Live Mixer Owners Manual & Schematics (PDF)  
S400 Sound Mate rev D 6/2/99 (PDF)  
S400 Stage Mate rev K 12/13/02 (PDF)  
S400 Stereo Multieffects System DSP 5/1/98 (PDF)  
Switching Power Supply rev F 3/1/99 (PDF)  
BrianD's Pictorial Guide to Biasing Tube Amps (PDF)