Dave Farmer's V220T
Carvin BBS ID: Farmer Dave

Here's a great example of what Carvin was producing in the mid-1980's; in this case, a 1986 V220T.  This was the first year that black M22 pickups were offered, which when combined with black hardware, gave the V an ultra-modern and sleek look.  Dave picked this one up on eBay for the great price of $250.00.



...it broke.  Yes, in January of 2005, the neck snapped off, from a fairly incidental bump.  It looks like the glue simply failed.  Luckily, it's a very clean separation, so it'll be easy to fix.  Additionally, this is a great opportunity to examine the neck joint on a set-neck Carvin.  Thanks to Dave for providing such detailed photos.

Update!  The V220 is back in service - Dave found a luthier in his part of California who was able to make it good as new.  Well done!

Mauro Zenoniani's X220C

Hailing all the way from Italy, Mauro bought this beautiful X220C in 1992, and says he'll never part with it.  Note the large logo on the headstock - this only officially occurred in 1992 - most other X220s have a small logo.  It's equipped with M22 pickups, and finished in gloss black with black chrome hardware.  Other features include Sperzel locking tuners and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

Bill Anzik's V220T
Carvin Museum Forums ID: WAnzik

Bill recently scored this really nice example of a mid-80's V220, in ultra-rare Pearl Pink.  It has black chrome hardware, black M22 pickups and a Kahler Pro tremolo.


Byron Blair's V220T
Carvin Museum Forums ID: bblair5969

Here's another V220, in exceptional condition.  This is either an '86 or '87 model (based on the headstock logo and pickups), and it has the more unusual block inlays not ordinarily seen on the V220.  Other features include red finish, black chrome hardware and a Kahler tremolo.

The Webmaster's (former) X220C

This is a 1992 model (note the large logo on the straight headstock).  It has a Floyd Rose tremolo and gold hardware.  Unfortunately, the previous owner replaced the M22SD with a Duncan Screamin' Demon, but other than that, it was all stock, and in surprisingly good condition.


Harry Scheidegger's X220CL

This X220CL that appeared on eBay in the fall of '05 is worth a second look.  Note that it has the headstock and logo of a '93 model, but the X220 officially ended production in late 1992 - therefore, this may be one of the last ones ever made.  Additionally, it's a left-handed model, which in itself is reasonably rare.  Other features of this model include pearl blue finish, black chrome plated hardware, and left-handed Floyd Rose tremolo.

Harry has 3 left-handed Carvin's - see them all right here.



JD Bradshaw's V220T Pair
WWW: http://acacia_entertainment.tripod.com

This is a great pair of V220s, which are nearly identical.  They both are finished in red, they both have Kahler's with chrome hardware.  The one on the left is an '85 model, and the one on the right is an '88 model.  However, there is one huge difference between the two - the 1985 model was bought from Jan Kuehnemund, former Carvin endorser, and lead guitarist of the band Vixen.  JD bought it from Jan in 2003, and he has additional pics and swag that Jan included with the guitar.  Very, very cool!


Unknown X220C

This 1990 or 1991 X220C has been floating around for awhile, and has appeared on eBay a couple of times over the years.  It's rather unusual, with an M22 (probably an SD) humbucker in the bridge position, and an H60 in the neck position.  It's also finished in translucent green, which is unique.  Other features include gold hardware, block inlays, and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

If you're the current owner, let me know.