James Lomenzo's LB75

In James' early career with White Lion, he was a Carvin endorser and player, and he is shown here with his 1989 LB75, finished in clear gloss on maple with gold hardware.  Although in his later days with David Lee Roth and the Black Label Society, James has switched to Warwick basses, fans will remember seeing him in print ads in the late 1980's representing Carvin.

Rain De Leon's LB75
Carvin BBS ID: Rain
WWW: http://home.earthlink.net/~ghostintheruins/

Here is frequent Carvin BBS contributor Rain's blueburst LB75. She says:

"Electra is a 2000 LB75, TL, NAL, BC, NIN, ETR.  We ordered her in December of 2000 (cos I just had to have a Y2K Carvin), and brought her home at the end of January, skipped out on some pretty important bills to bring her home.  She's taken some pretty hard clutzy hits, but she's still going strong."

Very nice! Rain also has a BB70 which is equally cool.

George Werner's LB75 & LB75P
Carvin BBS ID: 75player
WWW: http://www.members.tripod.com/bassplayinet/index.htm

Here's a gorgeous 1999 tung oiled Koa LB75, that George plays with the band Deciding Factor.  We all know I'm a big fan of Koa, and I really like the grain on this one.  The Koa stripes on the 5-piece maple/Koa neck is a nice touch, as well.  The neck is the asymmetrical version also, which is thinner on the treble side, making for faster playing, especially up high.  Electronics are active HB2/J99 pickups, and black chrome hardware rounds out the package.  Thanks, George!

And here's George's latest addition - a 2003 LB75P. This one features tung-oiled flamed maple with a walnut body, 5-piece wider asymmetrical neck with abalone block inlays and black chrome hardware.  A great counterpart to George's koa LB75 - and super nice!

Christopher Stone's LB75P
Carvin BBS ID: deadp0ol

Here's another outstanding LB75P, from late 2004.  This one has a mahogany body, with a mahogany/maple asymmetrical neck, and is finished in clear gloss with Sunsetburst edges, which is a great look.  In addition to the "P" option, is has a pair of HB pickups with coil splitters for each.  Abalone dot inlays, stainless steel frets and black chrome hardware round out the package.

Lucky's LB75
Carvin Museum Forums ID: lucky
WWW: http://www.flameoutgraphics.com

Wow, look at this one!  Received in April 2005, this extraordinary LB75 is finished in umber stain on quilted maple, with a mahogany neck and body.  Other features include abalone block inlays on a ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware, and a pair of HB-series humbuckers with coil splitters for each. 

Lucky says:

"I absolutely love the way the quilted maple top came out with the burnt umber stain, in fact the mahogany  came out good with that stain as well.

The asymmetrical neck is fantastic, I can hardly believe how easy it is to play this new bass.  And forget what the majority says, I really LIKE the abalone block inlays.

Wicked looks, TWO humbucking pickups (with separate coil splitter switches thanks to you and mgood1), great playability, this IS my new weapon of choice."

Lucky also has an early SC90 - see it right here.

Bill Knehans' XB75PF & LB75P
Carvin BBS ID: bigdaddy

Anyone who thinks that one bass just isn't enough is OK with me - and here's a great example of that philosophy.  A pair of fivers, in this case an XB and LB model, both in koa, both with the P series upgrade.  Note the side-by-side comparison of the two, illustrating the position of the pickups and bridge relative to the neck, controls and rear of the bass. Bill says:

"Carvin bass #1: "The Big Kahuna" - 2001 LB-75P, gloss koa, 5 piece neck with koa stripes, black hardware, H50N, strap locks. (right)

Carvin bass #2: "Kamehameha" or "The King" - 2003 XB-75PF, gloss koa, 5 piece wide, asymmetrical neck with koa stripes, no inlays, black hardware, H50N, strap locks. (left)

Obviously, the newer bass was made with slightly darker, more figured wood, but I tried to keep them as identical (visually) as possible.  They both sound incredible, and have become my primary gigging basses.  You should hear some of the comments I get when the two guitars are sitting next to each other in their stands on stage.  I have, or can get, more pictures if you want them, but I didn't want to clobber your inbox without asking first."

Craig Jordan's LB75
WWW: http://home.earthlink.net/~craigajordan

Wow, look at the quilt on this one.  Craig scored this on Carvin's Guitars-in-Stock section, and received in on February 4, 2003.  These photos look far better than the one's from Carvin.com - nothing like a good burst shot to show of the beauty of a great top. Here's the scoop:

  • 5 piece laminated maple neck with two koa stripes
  • wider asymmetrical neck
  • Black Chrome Plated Hardware
  • Maple neck and Koa body
  • Flame or Quilt top covers 5 piece neck-through-body
  • AAA Quilted Maple Headstock overlay
  • Clear Finish over Quilted Maple
  • No inlays on fingerboard

There are more photo's of Craig's bass on his site - check it out!

Rod Thompson's LB75PF
Carvin BBS ID: jointus

Fresh off the Guitars-in-Stock section is Rod's LB75PF.  Walnut sides, 5-piece maple/koa neck, no fretlines, tung oil finish and the "P" series upgrade.  This is one of the great things about the Guitars-in-Stock section - you get to see the actual instrument that you're gonna get - when dealing with wood grains and such, this can be a great plus. 

Matt Stuart's LB75P
Carvin BBS ID: bokononrock

I believe this is the first 2003 model that's been submitted to the site - thanks!  Very nice blueburst over mahogany, with the "P" series upgrade.  Delivered to her new owner on February 4th, 2003 - well done!

Michael J. Wolski's LB75P
Carvin BBS ID: mjw


Whew, what a beauty!  This is a walnut LB75P, with black chrome hardware (which looks great against the walnut), and all the "P" features - active electronics, H50N/HB5W pickups, rounded body sides, piezo pickups on the bridge).  And next to it, the massive Carvin RL1018 bass stack - now that's a rig!

Mike's got more photos on the way, so check back soon!

Andrew Benzie's LB75
WWW: http://www.andreworld.com

Out of the Bay Area is Andrew Benzie and his 1996 LB75.  Very cool blueburst finish, with black chrome hardware and J99's. 

Andrew runs this through a Carvin Redline RC210 combo, with an additional  V118 cabinet. 

Andrew also plays drums, and has all sorts of cool things going on at his website  - stop by and take a peek!

Damon Rudisill's LB75P
Carvin BBS ID: GraceGuitar

Here's another very nice walnut models - just beautiful!

Damon says:

"I'm new around the Carvin boards and recently discovered the CBM. I think you've done a great job with it. Thought I'd give you some pics of my bass to include, if you'd like. It's an LB75P, walnut wings, maple/walnut 5-piece neck and gold hardware with a clear satin finish. I bought it out of their stock when they were clearing out their NAMM stuff back in January."

Well done!

Robert Black's LB75
WWW: http://www.blackshole.com

Robert has a pair of Carvin basses, and this mid-90s model in in koa with a satin finish is very nice.

Robert says: "I find that I use my LB75F the most.  This particular bass has a nice deep sound yet still has clarity.  I believe that this is in part due to its all koa construction and also in part due to the tapewound strings which I really like.  My LB76F is quite a looker but it is heavier, so it gets less use.  It also is a bit of a strain on my relatively short fingers.  I string this one with roundwounds ATM, and it has great tone.  If there is one thing I wish I had done differently, it would be to have a natural stin finish on the back of the neck - it wouldn't look as cool, but it'd be nicer to play.  Not that the finish is hard to play - I just like the feel of a satin finish neck.  As you can sere in a couple of the photos, I made some plastic pickguards that are held on by simple pressure against the p.u.s.  I did this because sometimes I dig in too much and scratch the finish of my basses under the strings.  They may look a little stupid, but they're quite functional."

Be sure and check out Robert's LB76F right here.

Markus Nee's LB75
WWW: http://thenorthwebsite.com

Markus was one of the first contributors to the site, with his LB75.  It's finished in sapphire blue on alder, with a maple neck, ebony fingerboard and black chrome hardware.

Markus also has a B5F - see it right here.

Ricárdo Rodriguez's LB75
WWW: http://recardo.co.uk

Here's a very cool 1989 LB75 that Carvin built for Ricárdo.  In addition to the 5-string Kahler tremolo, Ricárdo had this built with rounded body sides before that was a standard option.  Very nice!

In addition to the LB75, Ricárdo has some other very nice, non-Carvin basses.  Stop by his website and check 'em out, as well as some great MP-3's from his various projects.

Chip Wiegand's LB75
WWW: http://www.wiegand.org

Here's a great example of an early 90s model, with the "pointy" headstock that's coming back into vogue.  Chip says:

"I have an LB75 I found in a local music store about 1990. Picked it up for $450 (original hard case and strap included). It's got the gold plated Schaller TB5 bridge and hardware, large Mother-of-pearl inlays and optional Deep Pearl Blue finish. I don't know anything else about it. I just discovered the year from looking at the Year-by-Year pics on your site. This is one great bass! Everyone who hears it just raves on about the great sound it produces. More pics of this and my TL-60 can be found on my web site www.wiegand.org."

Very cool!

Jay Terrien's LB75
WWW: http://www.grasstain.com

Jay plays a very sweet mid-90s LB75, through a Carvin ProBass 500 amp, and his playing is just fantastic!  Somewhere between Primus and Genesis arrangements and music, and Joe Jackson-esque vocals is where you'll find him - very melodic, prominent bass lines, with an assortment of unique sounds, complex arrangements, and unusual instrumentation.  There are lots of MP3s on his site (which he played all the music on, as well as wrote and arranged) which are well worth a listen.  Finally, the website itself is very cool - swing by and check it out!

Dougal's LB75
WWW: http://www.epithetband.com

Here's a blast from the past.  The recent past, anyway.  This is an early 90's LB75, with that great headstock, and all those knobs and switches.  Dougal says:

"The black one is my 1992-ish (Bought in the UK direct for my 18th birthday -- looks like it might have been old stock by the time it got to me (looks like a 90-91 headstock)) LB75. Been a workhorse for years. Beaten to hell & back but plays lovely. I don't know what wood lurks beneath the surface."

And if you think that's cool, be sure to check out Dougal's new XB75P - it's gorgeous.

You can also see larger pics of both his basses right here.

Steve Giedosh's LB75
WWW: http://sws.mnstate.edu/giedosst/

This is a very nice LB75 from 2002 in tung-oiled walnut with a maple neck.  Other features include black chrome hardware, an asymmetrical neck and J99/HB2 active electronics.  Steve says:

"Best bass I ever played. Any and every sound I could ever want and think of, I can get with this LB75. I had played a lot of fenders, Warwicks and Laklands but found Carvin to be by far the best all around! I had played as my main bass a custom build Fender jazz, but now my Carvin is my weapon of choice. From low and thumpy to crisp and chunky, if you are looking for a top-notch pro bass get a Carvin! This is simple the last bass I will ever need to buy."

Grant's LB75
Carvin BBS ID: Grant

Here's a very sleek 2005 LB75, in a left-handed configuration.  It's jet black, with gold hardware and no inlays on the fingerboard.  Very classy looking!

William Wigand's LB75PL
Carvin BBS ID: southclawer

Here's a beautiful 2006 LB75PL, in clear gloss on quilted maple with matching headstock.  It has a maple fingerboard with black dots, alder body, black chrome hardware, and tung-oiled neck.  Electronics consist of an HB series humbucker in the bridge position, an H50S stacked humbucker in the neck position, and a piezo bridge.



Theo's LB75L
Carvin Museum Forums ID: Paradiddle
WWW: http://www.myspace.com/theo_strib

This is a left-handed 1994 model, which was pretty loaded for it's time.  It's finished in Vintage Yellow on flamed maple with a matching headstock, tung-oiled neck and gold hardware.  It has Sperzel locking tuners, and no inlays on the ebony fingerboard.  Theo also has a left-handed BB75 - check it out on this page.

Theo says:

"I purchased my first ever Carvin, used from a pawnshop near Indianapolis IN USA. Of course I'm in love with it. What's interesting is, what got me looking for a Carvin in the first place. As a left-handed player, shopping at music stores left me with very few options. My first bass was a 4-string model from the high-end line of a well-known manufacturer. I really liked that bass. I was fully prepared to be brand-loyal to that maker. . . until I decided I wanted to play 5-string.

Not only were my choices limited to the more expensive model lines (usually involving an additional upcharge for lefties), this maker and several others refused to make a 5-string bass in a lefty configuration. I even spoke the the local distributor of my bass' manufacturer and he said "Your best bet would be to look into Carvin" After losing a few eBay auctions, I finally snagged the beauty you see here. Since then, Kevio and several Carvin employess have been very helpful in identifying the features and history of this instrument."

Jason Milligan's LB75L
WWW:  http://www.myspace.com/jbassnj

Here's a very interesting left-handed LB75 from 1998.  It started life reasonably stock, with a maple neck, koa body sides and chrome hardware.  However, somewhere along the way, Jason had it autographed by some of the best musicians around - very cool!

Jason says:

"This LB75 is one of a kind! I took it with me to Victor Wooten's Bass / Nature camp in 2002. It's signed by Victor Wooten, Regi Wooten, Steve Bailey, Bela Fleck, Christian McBride, Chuck Rainey, John Billings, Anthony Wellington, Dave Welsch, Adam Nitti, and Jeff Coffin. I almost feel bad playing this sometimes, but it sounds too smooth to sit in the case."


Scott Hegge's LB75

This is Scott's second Carvin (the first is an '87 V440), and this is a prime example of an an early '90's model; in this case, a '91.  It's finished in gloss white with black hardware, Wilkinson bridge, and H50 pickups.