The LB70 is Carvin's longest running bass, having been in production for 25 years.  To see what Bass Player Online had to say about this model, look here.

Ken Burgner's LB70 Elite & LB70F
Carvin BBS ID: BassClef

There aren't many Elite models floating around out there - it's a pretty expensive upgrade, but as you can see from Ken's, it's well worth it.  It's a 2006 model, which Ken received in April.  The Elite package comes standard with a walnut body, and with a quilted maple top and back, as well as headstock and rear of the headstock.  In addition to these features, Ken added a Birdseye maple fingerboard, and CT-style 2X2 headstock.

You can click the pictures below for much larger versions.


On the heels of his Elite order, Ken ordered this walnut LB70 fretless.  In addition to the nicely-figured walnut body, it has a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, chrome hardware,  Like the Elite, it's equipped with an H50S humbucker in the neck position, and an HB2 pickup in the bridge position, with Carvin's new 18V preamp.  Other features include an unlined fretless fingerboard and chrome hardware.

The Webmaster's LB70

Harlequin Prismatique is one of the most unusual finishes ever offered, by Carvin or any other manufacturer.  This 2002 model was the first new Carvin bass I had ordered in 20 years, and it's my main instrument.  Photographing it is tough - you could burn a whole roll of film and still not capture all the "looks" it has.  The HP finish actually changes color, depending on the lighting, and that makes it a great stage bass that always grabs attention.  In addition to the finish, other features include a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, reverse inline headstock with drop-shadow logo, abalone dot inlays, black chrome hardware and HB2/H50N pickups.  The Macassar ebony truss rod cover I made myself.

Unfortunately, Harlequin Prismatique was discontinued shortly after I ordered this one, so if you have the chance to get one, jump at it!


The Webmaster's LB70K

This is a 2004 model LB70K, with koa body, 2-piece koa neck, flamed koa top, Birdseye maple fingerboard (with no markers), traditional headstock, H50N stacked humbuckers and gold hardware with 24K gold logo.  Although this appears on the Webmaster's Collection page, it's worth showing here with other LB70s, to give an idea of the wide assortment of features and options Carvin offers.

Woody Green's LB70

Carvin has a real knack for finding beautiful flamed koa tops (see the Webmaster's LB70 and Van's HF2), and this is no exception.  Woody's LB70 also has koa body wings and headstock overlay with non-rounded body sides, maple neck, J99 pickups and black chrome hardware.  Stunning!

Woody also has a new B5 bass - see it right here.

Sam Wiley's LB70PF
Carvin BBS ID: 4StringThunder

Wow, look at this one!  Absolutely stunning!  And not only is the bass great, but the photography is excellent, as well.  Here's what Sam has to say about it:

"This is my Carvin LB70. It's a fretless version with inlaid lines and dots, which really stand out in this picture. The P-Series upgrade is awesome, with a lot of tonal versatility. Most impressive though, are the build quality and action, which are second to none. This bass sounds as good as it looks, and plays better than any other I have ever put my hands on. For all those who might lust after a similar instrument (or mine for that matter), here are the stats: LB70PF with standard maple neck and alder sides, FID(inlaid fretlines and dots), QTG (Translucent Emerald Green over quilted maple Top), QPH (matching quilted maple headstock veneer), TN (tung-oiled finish on the back of the neck), and G (gold-plated hardware)."

Flake's LB70P
Carvin BBS ID: flake

I find many things funny - and this band promo pic is no exception.  This comes from the mind of Flake, proud new owner of an LB70P - one that until recently, belonged to fellow Carvinite Xush.  And this is a beauty - one I would've loved to have added to my own collection.  Gotta love that Koa wood.  And with the "P" series, there's the addition of piezo bridge saddles, and 18V active electronics - I'm sure this one sounds sweet!

Kirk Rowley's LB70

Kirk got in touch with me to find out what all the knobs and switches did on his LB70 that he scored on the 'net, and luckily, I had the original catalog schematic (which is now included on the 1990 page).  So, anyway, he was nice enough to send these pics of his bass.  Nice!  I really like the early 90's models, with all their points and such.  And this one looks to be in great shape, especially for it's age.  Gotta love that Internet - you never know what you're gonna find!


Jesse Mäläskä's LB70

Here is a great example of a late 80's LB70, following the introduction of the 24-fret neck-thru design.  And this one found it's way all the way to Finland, where Jesse plays it with his band Frostburn.  Jesse says:

"I have had this bass now for 5years and it's the greatest bass i ever played.  I bought that bass over 5years ago used, and paid 300$ for it ... and it plays like a dream!"

That was a steal of a price, even 5 years ago, and especially in Europe, where Carvin's are much harder to find.  Way to go, Jesse!

Bill Drury's LB70
Carvin BBS ID: Gumby4

This is a classic example of a late 90's Carvin LB70, with koa body wings, a 5-piece maple/koa neck and koa headstock overlay.  This is a 1998 model, and is loaded with H50N pickups.  Blck chrome hardware rounds out the package.

Bill plays this through a Carvin PB200, and also has an AC50F bass.


Rocketpriest's LB70P
Carvin BBS ID: rocketpriest

Here's a very cool LB70P, which is finished in deep purple on quilted maple.  It has a 5-piece maple/koa neck, koa body sides (note the flame in the koa - nice!), stainless steel frets, abalone block inlays and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of the HB2/J99 combo with piezo bridge.

Michael Ross' LB70P
Carvin BBS ID: bonesigh

This is the latest addition to Mike's collection - a 2005 LB70P.  It's finished in deep triple-step Tiger's Eye stain on flamed maple with matching headstock.  Other features include gold hardware, rounded body sides, and a maple neck with alder body.

Rob Ringdahl's LB70

Here's another nice LB70, in this case, finished in Antique Brown stain on flamed maple with matching headstock.  It also has gold hardware, and the HB2/J99 pickup combination.



Rick Quinonez's LB70

This is very similar to Rob's LB70 above; that is, antique brown stain on flamed maple.  However, Rick's has black chrome hardware, with no fingerboard inlays.  This is a late 90's model - most likely 1998 or 1999.

Rick also has a very nice vintage LB60K - see it right here.



Dave Booth's LB70F & LB60

This is an interesting pair.  First, the LB70F.  It's a 2005 model,  and has a swamp ash body and maple neck, finished in transparent Emerald Green with black hardware.

On the left is an interesting LB60.  It's a late 80's model, in clear gloss on maple.  However, it has obviously undergone a bit of work.  Dave says:

"I thought after all these years of looking at your site I would post my basses. Some may find them interesting. What I have to post is an interesting all maple “project” LB60 from 198? It was originally fretted when I bought it used. I removed the frets, re-shaped the neck and body and replaced the electronics with EMG pickups and new Carvin pots and knobs. The green bass is a custom order LB70 I placed last summer with Carvin with swamp ash wood, rounded body, black hardware and line markers and dots.  

I play both rather heavily and each has its own tonal characteristics. The LB60 has an extended scale is very heavy and is nearly indestructible (rock gigs). The LB70 is light and super slick to play (jazz gigs)."

Eric Riddell's LB70 & LB70T

This is a great pair of Carvin LB70 basses, from 1989.  Eric had owned the Light Pearl Blue model for a while, and then his wife surprised him with the Pearl Red model for Christmas.  That's pretty cool!  These are both almost identical, with just some minor differences.  The Light Pearl Blue model has no inlays on the fingerboard, whereas the Pearl Red model has dot inlays.  The LPB one has a standard bridge, and the PR one has the Kahler 2400 bass tremolo.  Both have black chrome hardware, a maple body and maple necks.

Ted Lundin's LB70

Ted emailed me with some questions about this bass that he was considering buying.  The is somewhat of a rarity - especially since Ted is in Sweeden!  Additionally, the finish is Light Blue Pearl, which was only available for a couple of years, and evidently, not used very much (the only other one I've seen is Dave McLain's LB90).

I hope to hear from Ted soon, with the good news that he bought this one, and of course, to see what he thinks about it!

Blue Dragon's LB70P
Carvin BBS ID: BlueDragon

Here's a nice one, from the youngest contributor on the site.  It's an '03 LB70P, in blueburst on quilt, with matching headstock, Hipshot detuner, abalone dot inlays, black chrome hardware, and straploks.  Body construction is the standard maple neck with alder body side.  Cool!  And with it below, a Carvin PB200-15 and Samson wireless.  Nice rig!