Rick Quinonez's LB60K

Here's a beautiful 1986 model LB60K (the "K" being the designator for koa wood in the 1980's).  Koa was still pretty exotic in those days, and wasn't widely used, so getting solid pieces like this with nice figure wasn't too hard.  In the 1980's, Carvin didn't have "plain" koa or "flamed" koa - all their koa had some figure to it, some more than others.

In addition to the koa naeck and body, Rick's LB60 has a 20-fret ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, black M22B humbuckers with phase switching, coil splitters and stereo wiring, and gold hardware.


The Webmaster's
(former) LB60

This 1987 LB60 is extremely indicative of what Carvin was doing in the latter part of the 1980's.  Although they offered natural maple and koa woods, wild colors were all the rage, and this model in Platinum Pearl Pink with chrome hardware is a great reminder of an era gone by.

I recently sold this one, and now it's part of my good friend Matt D's Collection.

Dave Farmer's LB60
Carvin BBS ID: Farmer Dave

Like some other '87 model basses seen here, Dave's '87 LB60 sports the new block logo, which wasn't officially introduced until 1988.  Additionally, this pearl blue model has black hardware, H11B pickups, and a Kahler bass tremolo.

Dave also has a nice V220 - see it here.


Tom's LB60
Carvin BBS ID: BigT

This is the epitome of an 80's Carvin bass, and it's nice!  This particular model is an '87 (probably early in the year, right before the switch to H11B pickups), with maple body and neck, and maple fingerboard with mother of pearl dot inlays.  Black chrome hardware rounds out the package.  Nice!

John Monetti's LB60

Here's another rare bird I was thrilled to see.  This is a 1987 LB60 - but do you notice anything special about it?  It's got the '88 block logo on the headstock.  This is just like my V440 - a late '87 model with the '88 logo on it.  However, we can be sure it's an '87 - note the 22-fret neck.  '88's and up and the 24-fret neck through design.  Regardless, this is a great example of a little-seen Carvin bass.