Andy Buschmann's LB40

Here's a great example of Carvin's LB40 bass, in this case, a 1984 model.  Single M22 pickup, and maple body and maple set neck, with the standard accoutrements - ebony fingerboard, inlaid logo on black headstock, and chrome hardware.  Thanks, Andy!

Andy also has a very nice DC125 with an interesting history to it - see it right here.

Woodd's LB40F Koa

Here's a nice LB40F, from about 1986 (the bridge and the black M22B pickup are the giveaways; the Schaller bridge shown here was introduced in 1985, and black pickups were added in 1986.  In 1987, the M22Bs were replaced with the M11Bs).  This model has an interesting koa body, unlined ebony fingerboard and chrome hardware.