Michael Duran's LB20
Carvin Forums ID: md
WWW: http://photobucket.com/albums/v516/mdelec/

Here's Michael's latest addition - a 2005 LB20 that he picked up at the Santa Anna Carvin store in November of 2005.  This one is a real looker, with rounded walnut body sides, a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, maple fingerboard with no inlays, dual HB2 pickups and chrome hardware.  This is an extremely nice LB20, and really, the only thing keeping it from being an LB70 is the active electronics unit.  Very nice!

Mike has an impressive collection of Carvin gear - see it all right here.

Michael Kornacki's LB20F & LB20
Carvin BBS ID: Knack

Well, here's a pair of LB20s - one fretted, one fretless.  Here's the scoop:

2002 LB20F (left) tung-oiled walnut with 5-piece maple/walnut neck, Hipshot bridge, J99's.

1994 LB20 (right) tung-oiled all-koa, Schaller locking tuners, Wilkinson bridge, H50 humbuckers.

Thanks, Knack!

Rocky Thompson's LB20

This is a cool bass.  A early 90's LB20, with a custom control layout (LB20 controls were in an arc, not a straight line).  Additionally, Rocky did the custom metallic amber paint job himself, and it looks great!