Peter Anderson's IC4
Carvin BBS ID: Bass Viking

Carvin introduced the Icon in 2006, and this is the first one to appear on the Museum.  It's an IC4, finished in clear gloss on flamed maple, with a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, alder body, and chrome hardware.  It's also equipped with Carvin's new soapbar pickups and 18V electronics, and new Hipshot A-Series bridge.

The Webmaster's IC4

Here is the first official Icon bass ordered.  It was ordered on December 30th, 2005, and received on March 22nd, 2006.  It's got a maple body and maple neck, with a flamed maple top finished in deep triple-step purple.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with black dots, black chrome hardware, soapbar pickups and the new A-style bridge.


Joe Belcher's IC4P
Carvin BBS ID:  JoeBelc

Here's the first production-model P Series IC4 made by Carvin.  It's an interesting hybrid of old and new, with the new soapbar pickups and preamp, and the old piezo bridge with the extra pan control.  It's finished in sapphire blue on flamed maple with matching headstock.  Other features include an ebony fingerboard, MOP block inlays, gold hardware, and a Hipshot detuner.


Moot's IC5
Carvin BBS ID:  Moot

This is the first IC5 to hit the Player's Gallery, and it's a nice one.  Moot received it in April of 2006, so it was one of the first 5-string models made. 

Features include Sapphire Blue finish on flamed maple with matching headstock and no-show top, no inlays on the fingerboard, black hardware, and an asymmetrical wide neck.


Blake Graham's IC6
Carvin BBS ID:  Scheater5

And this is the first IC6 to appear in the Player's Gallery.  It's a real beauty, with a gorgeous figured walnut top and matching headstock.  Other features include a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, abalone dot inlays, alder body, and chrome hardware.  Blake says:

"The only word that comes to mind is "amazed." I am still in absolute awe. I've been playing a bass that was, essentially, one of the first mass-production six string guitars made. Definitely one of the first to gain popularity. And to jump from that trailblazer (which, like all trailblazers, had problems) to this marvelous instrument is absolutely breathtaking. I set everything to the center indent, pushed the pot in for active, and turned the amp on. Immediately I was amazed at the clarity of tone. The strings that came on the guitar are a bit bright for my tastes, but nothing a bit of EQ'ing can't fix until time to change strings. Speaking of EQ - the active EQ on the Icon is pretty extreme. You can pretty much get any tone you've ever dreamed of. The mid-sweep is so extreme that you can get a fairly decent wah tone by sweeping back and forth. The feel powered up is wonderful, and the notes just sing effortlessly from the guitar. It's much, much easier to tap than my old Ibanez. I do alot of chordal, "solo bass" arrangements for my lessons with Bailey, and the Ibanez was impossible to balance.  Anything tapped in the low register would either not sound, or sound entirely too loud. But, with the Carvin, I have complete control over the dynamics - even in passive mode. I attribute this low tension. It doesn't take nearly as much pressure to tap notes. And with the right EQ'ing (a little push in the mids, with the sweep just below the center indent, and then turn down the volume to compensate) that metallic sound so associated with tapped bass can be virtually eliminated."

Jim Alkire's IC6
Carvin BBS ID: boogie5strg

This was the first IC6 ordered from Carvin, and Jim received it on 3/28/06.  It's finished in umber stain on quilted maple with matching headstock, alder body, and 5-piece maple/koa neck.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and stainless steel frets.  Electronics consist of Carvin's new soapbar pickups and new 18V preamp.

Jim says:

"All I can say is, Carvin has out done themselves. This is by far the best bass I have played. it just smokes my other Carvins in how it sounds. These new Soapbar pup's along with the new 18volt electronics are outstanding. It is the first bass I've ever played that after 5 minutes of playing it for the first time I was wanting another. They are that nice."

Jim has an impressive collection of Carvin basses and guitars - see the rest of them right here.

Jeff Aurigemma's IC6P

This is an amazing Icon bass.  Pretty much every thing about it is unique - more so than most Carvins.  The most obvious feature is the finish - it's deep triple-step clear gloss with a sapphire blue burst.  And although technically not an "Elite", it has a flamed maple top and back, as well as front and back of the headstock.  The body is swamp ash, and the neck is maple and koa, with a tung-oil finish.  It has a birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays.  The hardware is black chrome.  Electronics consist of Carvins new 18V preamp with soapbar pickups and piezo bridge.

You can click the below left photo for a larger version.


Flaggus' IC6
Carvin BBS ID: flaggus

Here's another very cool Icon bass - in this case, a six-string model finished in Carvin's unique Dragonburst finish on quilted maple with a matching headstock.  In addition to the stunning finish, it has abalone block inlays on ebony, a 5-piece maple/walnut neck and black chrome hardware.


Jason Milligan's IC6L

The is the first left-handed Icon to show up on the Museum, and it's a real beauty.  It has a figured walnut top with blackburst edges and matching headstock.  Other features include a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, alder body and gold hardware.  Jason says:

"After owning an LB75L for the last 10 years I've turned to Carvin again for my new 6 string. This bass is incredible! The choice of sound is great and this bass plays like a similarly equipped bass costing thousands more. I'll definitely be buying from Carvin again in the future."

Jeff's IC5
Carvin Museum Forums ID: jandc

Here's another beautiful Icon bass finished in Dragonburst.  Unlike the IC6 above, this one is finished with deep triple-step, which gives a darker tint to the color.  Other features include a five-piece walnut/maple neck with tung-oil finish, rosewood fingerboard chrome hardware.  

Rocketpriest's IC4
Carvin BBS ID: rocketpriest

This is a 2006 model, finished in a custom turquoise/blue stain on flamed maple.  The body is mahogany, and it has a 5-piece maple/koa neck.  Other features include abalone dot inlays on ebony, soapbar pickups and black hardware.

Rick's IC5S
Carvin BBS ID: surfnorthwest

Here's a unique IC5S, and probably the first one finished in Carvin's new Toner White (or White White) finish, which is a bright, very white color (just like the name implies).  In addition to the finish, it's got black hardware that really stands out against the white body and headstock.  Other features include an asymmetrical wide 5-string neck, soapbar pickups, Dunlop straplocks, and an engraved truss rod cover.  Very sharp!