Travis Brady's GK1 Bolt Kit

Here's a beautiful Bolt T kit, with some very classy touches added by Travis.  Most obvious is the AAAA walnut burl pickguard, which looks great with the tung-oiled, walnut-stained swamp ash body.  Travis says:

"I recently completed a two month project building a Carvin GK1-T guitar kit. very little on this guitar is standard. the pickguard is hand made AAAA walnut burl, the truss cover is hand made ebony with abalone dragon inlay made in South America.  the custom knobs are Ringo by Q-Parts with paisley engraving on the top.  All the hardware is gold plated.  The neck is hard rock maple , the body is swamp ash, and the fret board is ebony as well. I hope that you will consider putting this on your website. I was going for a classy, durable and practical look with a little bit of that "wow" factor. do you think I accomplished that?"

Absolutely!  This is one of the nicest Bolt kits to be displayed on the Museum, and really shows what someone can accomplish with a little imagination and creativity.


Nightrain's GK1 Bolt Kit
Carvin BBS ID: Nightrain

This is a very interesting Bolt kit.  Carvin finished the body and headstock in their new Textured Black finish, and then Nightrain did the final assembly.  In addition to the TXB finish, it has a reverse headstock, birdseye maple fingerboard with black dots, and chrome hardware.

This is now part of the Bundy Collection.

Rob Lee's GK1 Bolt Kit
Carvin BBS ID: roblee

Here's a very classy Bolt T kit that Rob did a great job with.  It has a mahogany body and neck with a flamed maple top and matching headstock.  It was originally finished in black cherry burgundy, but after it got dinged, Rob stripped it and refinished it in clear gloss.  Other features include Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson tremolo and gold hardware, an M22T bridge pickup and black pearloid pickguard.

See Rob's other Carvin gear on his Collections page.


Tony Campisi's Bolt Kit
Carvin Museum Forums ID: KOR

Here's a cool kit that Tony completed in the spring of 2006.  It has a swamp ash body, stained in American walnut, and tinted with Tru-Oil and topped with Tru-Oil spreay.  It has black chrome hardware, AP11 single coils with a C22B humbucker, and on/off mini-switch for the bridge pickup.  Tony also added his own custom logo to the headstock, which looks very cool!


Frank Leffelman's Bolt Kit

Here's a great 2005 Bolt kit, with a very cool custom paint job, featuring a Maltese cross with flames on swamp ash.  Frank says:

"The sound of this guitar even surprised the tech that helped me put it together!! Thanks to Tom Kujawa for the design and the paint!! Truly a work of art!!"

Gary Tucker's Bolt Kit

This is another nice Bolt kit, that Gary bought and built in 2006.  It has a nicely figured swamp ash body, red tortoise shell pickguard, AP-11 pickups and chrome hardware.  Gary says:

"This kit took me around a week to finish with 7 coats of tung oil.
Very few adjustments after assembly. I think it plays better then my American Strat. I wanted a vintage look and after five or six different stains I decided on Mini Wax Colonial Maple."