Kristian Dunn's DB630

Here's a very nice DB630 from 1977, and it looks remarkably similar to the 1977 catalog picture.  The body on this era instrument was considered to be maple, but this particular example actually has very nice Birdseye figuring, in what would be a very expensive piece of wood by today's standards.  Other features include bolt-on hardrock maple necks, chrome hardware, APH-6S pickups on the guitar neck, and APH-8 pickups on the bass neck, each with master volume and tone controls, as well as phase switches and coil splitters.


Kristian has a unique playing style, which has been showcased in his playing with El Ten Eleven.  He utilizes a two-handed tapping/hammer on/pull off technique on the bass and guitar necks simultaneously, which not only looks cool, it really creates some wild sounds.  Check it out in El Ten Eleven's video My Only Swerving.

You can also order El Ten Eleven's debut album (below) through their website.

Jeffrey Jackson's DT650

This is an extraordinary DT650, with an equally remarkable story attached to it.  Jeffrey says:

"I grew up in southern California and in late 1976 went to the Carvin factory in Escondido to buy a doubleneck. When I got there, I was told by Mark (Kiesel) that the old doubleneck (the DT640) was out of production. He then went to the back and returned with the new DT650. I said, "Great! I'll take it!" He then turned the guitar around and showed me the the wires were still hanging out and told me it wasn't ready yet but it was being photographed for the new 1977 catalog and national advertising campaign. He then said I could leave a deposit and pick up the guitar when it was finished and I did so immediately. I returned in a few weeks and became the proud owner of the first DT650!"

To see this actual guitar as it appeared in the 1977 catalog, click here.

Dean's DT650

This is an absolutely stunning example of a late-70's Carvin doubleneck.  In this case, a 1977 DT650.  Dean bought this new in 1977, which makes it one of the few vintage pieces on the site that are still in the possession of the original owner, and this one is in pristine condition, and definitely a keeper.

Lisa's DT650L

Lisa actually contacted the Museum to fill in a few blanks on this guitar that she was posting on eBay on behalf of her uncle.  DT650's are pretty rare, especially in good condition, but left-handed models are pretty much never seen, so it's worth taking a look at here.  This is a '77 model (note the single volume/single tone, and chrome pickup covers) finished in black with bolt-on necks and chrome hardware.


Unknown DT650

This is a 1978 model, which was the last year of production for the "old-style" Carvin doubleneck guitars and basses.  This one has a maple body with clear gloss finish, bolt-on maple necks, chrome hardware, and the new M22 pickups.



Unknown DT650

Although the current owner of this 1978 DT650 is unknown, it's worth looking at.  It's obviously been refinished, as white wasn't offered on Carvin guitars until 1982.  Also, the 6-string neck as the Schaller FTB6 bridge, which wasn't available until 1983.  However, the 3-knobs-per-neck and M22 pickups verify that this is a '78 model, which was the last year a bolt-neck doubleneck would be offered.

If you're the current owner of this guitar, please let me know.