The Webmaster's  DN440T

This is one of my favorites.  It was originally ordered in November 1987 by Steve McDonald of the band Redd Kross, and made it's way to eBay some 15 years later - that's the original eBay auction info on the left.

It's finished in Pearl Purple, with black chrome hardware, a Kahler bass tremolo, fretted and fretless necks and H13B stacked humbucking pickups.

It was also used in Redd Kross' "Annie's Gone" video, which was a staple of MTV's "120 Minutes" and other early alternative video shows.  You can see the video right here to see it (Quicktime, 4MB).


The Webmaster's (former) DN440

Until recently, this DN440 doubleneck bass was part of the collection of the Webmaster.  However, when I bought the purple DN440, I decided to let this one go.  It's a 1991 model, in koa with maple necks, fretted/fretless fingerboards, and gold hardware.  It's a real player, and probably had the best action of any of my basses.


Unknown eBay DN450

This is another one of those unusual and super-rare Carvins.  In this case, it's a 1990 model DN450, which, in this configuration, was a 4-string fretless/5-string fretted model.  It's finished in cherry sunburst and has solid quilted body wings.  Other features include inlaid fretlines on the fretless neck, ebony fingerboards, H50B stacked humbuckers, and Schaller bridges.

Unknown eBay DN440T

Here's another exceptionally unusual DN440 doubleneck bass.  This was made for a NAMM show in the late 1980's (probably 1989), and is certainly one-of-a-kind.  The most obvious feature of this DN440 is the joined headstocks - a design feature never seen on any other Carvin.  Other features include inlaid fretlines on the fretless neck (top), H13B pickups, black hardware and Kahler bass tremolo.


Carlos Soto's DN440

Carlos was kind enough to send me some photographs of his DN440, as well as a copy of his latest CD, Tribal Behavior.  Now, I'm no music critic, but this CD is great.  Primarily bass-driven instrumental music - but even that description is inadequate.  A really great bass, and a really great bassist.

Here's what Carlos has to say about the DN440:

"I requested Carvin to custom build me this bass to my specifications sometime between 89-90 (and they did a wonderful job). The bass has some custom features like I mentioned; reverse headstock that match the color body (pearl white) don't know if you can see the fine Carvin logo on the headstocks very cool!   Black hardware, build neck-thru body, fretted -fretless (with inlaid fret lines) anyway everything Carvin had available that year I asked to included it. What I did after I got it, I had it wired to be able to play both necks at the same time (remember this was the 80's). Then I changed the pick up's (installed EMG actives) and put a whammy bar on it (for those special moments). and I just realized I need to put on both necks Hipshot detuners (cause I don't have that) so I'll be doing that soon."