Ken's DC150

Although it was dis-continued for awhile in the mid 90's, the DC150 is one of Carvin's longest running models.  This is a great example of the newer style, that was re-introduced in 2001.  Ken says:

"Here is my DC150 received in April 2004. I did some light modding by replacing the Carvin pickups with a pair of nickel-cover SD Seth Lovers (vintage PAF tone), added a new 'leaf' toggle switch with white tip, and white pickup trim rings. Extra parts were from Allparts.

Guitar is all mahogany neck-thru with ebony fretboard.  Dual volume / dual tone. This bad boy growls and sings thru my 4 input Marshalls!"

Rick Barnes' DC150

Here's another of the 2nd generation DC150's. This 2002 model has a mahogany neck & body, cherry sunburst on quilted maple finish, chrome hardware and C22B pickups.

Rick also has a great looking SC90 and Bolt-T - check them out, too.