Jamsire's DC120

Carvin has been making 12-string guitars since the 1960's, and this is a very nice recent example.  It's black stain on flame with matching headstock, abalone block inlays, tung-oiled neck and black chrome hardware.


Dan St. Peters' DC120
Carvin BBS ID: ultraVpilot
WWW: http://www.geocities.com/vr6pilot/dansguitars.html

This is probably the most unusual DC120 out there.  The 12-inline headstock is pretty unusual in itself, but this one also has the electronics configuration of the briefly-offered LS175.  Dan says:

"In '91 the DC120 came standard with active electronics but whoever ordered this one opted to drop the actives in favor of the same configuration as on the very rare LS175 which was offered for only one year;  1991.  3 stacked H60 pickups, volume, tone and 5 way switch.  No coil splitting on any of the pickups, the block inlays were a DC120 standard but having all 12 tuners in line on the head were an available option usually only seen on doublenecks.  Freakshow!"

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