Chris Martin's C66T

Here's a very nice newer C66T, finished in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple.  It has gold hardware, Sperzel locking tuners, a Wilkinson tremolo and an ebony fingerboard with no inlays.

Albert Comas' C66C Pair
Carvin BBS ID: albertc

Excellent guitar!  And it should be - Albert is the Head Guitar Tech at Carvin, so obviously, he knows his way around a Carvin guitar.  And in this case, it's a heavily-customized C66, with a mahogany body and neck and a stunning spalted maple top, headstock and truss rod cover.  Other features include 12" radius finger board, drop shadow decal, no inlays jumbo frets, maple finger board, Duncan duckbucker in the neck, C22B in the bridge. The end of the neck at the 22nd fret is also square, not round like a regular C66. The heel was slightly angled for better accessibility to the higher registers.


A couple of years after building the spalted C66C above, Albert ordered a second one.  This one is very similar to the one above, but has a koa body and maple neck (versus mahogany), and has a black logo.  It also has a heel that Albert shaved down, and is equipped with stainless steel frets and stock Carvin pickups.

Russell Gelman's C66C
Carvin BBS ID: Levelhead

This is a very cool 2005 model C66C, with quite a few unique features.  It's finished in Crimson Red on quilt with natural body binding.   It also has a re-issue "pointy" headstock, which matches the body and is also reversed.  Other features include a mahogany body, maple neck with maple fingerboard, black dot inlays, black chrome hardware, Floyd Rose tremolo and straploks.  Electronics consist of a pair of zebra C22 pickups and a center twinblade (which Russell replaced with a matching zebra version). 



Dave Thorburn's C66T
Carvin BBS ID: OldDave

This is a beautiful Contour model, with a really interesting quilt pattern.  It's finished in Ruby Red stain with matching headstock, and has natural body binding.  Fingerboard is ebony with abalone block inlays, and the hardware is chrome.  Electronics consist of C22B and C22N pickups with phase switching and coil splitters and Wilkinson piezo tremolo.


Van's C66
Carvin BBS ID: Van

Here is Van's 2004 Contour 66, dubbed "Hawaiian Punch".  It has a tung-oiled koa neck, koa body, and flamed koa top with matching V headstock and gold Carvin logo.  Other features include abalone block inlays, stainless steel frets, gold hardware, string saver saddles and coil splitters and bridge on/off switch on a C22B/AP11/C22B pickup configuration.

Brian J. Warshaw II's C66
Carvin BBS ID: bjwarshaw

This is a 2005 model C66, finished in greenburst on flamed maple, with an alder body and maple neck.  The fingerboard is rosewood.  Other features include black Strat-style knobs, gold hardware, and gold Carvin logo.  The stock pickups have been swapped out with DiMarzios: Tone Zone, HS-2, & PAF Joe Satriani.

Brian says:

"I custom-ordered it new in the summer of 2005 after selling a cherished TL60-T to make it happen. I enjoyed the feel of it quite a bit, but I was never quite loving the sound of the pickups. When I got into a hollowbody kick, I traded the Contour to the owner of my local shop for an Epiphone Broadway.

The Contour was still in the shop, unsold, and I would play it from time to time. We got an Orange Rocker 30 combo amp in (a sweet amp if you haven't tried it), and it became painfully obvious to me the error of my ways: I hadn't ever given my guitar a fair shot; I hadn't played it through a good tube amp. I began to regret the trade.

I decided to sell the Broadway (at a loss, obviously) and buy a bolt kit. I knew I needed a Carvin--nothing beats the feel. When I casually mentioned my plan to the shop owner, he said "well, instead of losing money, why don't you just trade me back?"

I paused. I pretended to think about it for a few seconds, then said yes.

This guitar sounds great through a good amp (I've got a Laney LC-30 II on the way), and even greater now that I've added the Dimarzios to the equation. The Carvin pickups aren't bad, but the Dimarzios are a much better fit for what I'm after tonally."

  Daniel Campana's C66

As a former Carvin employee, Daniel was able to treat himself to a couple of unique options on his 2006 C66.  For starters, it's equipped with an M bridge, which isn't an available option on the Contour.   It also has a rosewood truss rod cover which matches the rosewood fingerboard, and a flamed maple control cavity cover that matches the top.  Other features include a CT headstock, chrome hardware, mahogany body and abalone headstock logo.