IronSpatula's BB76PF
Carvin BBS ID:

There aren't too many BB76s floating around out there, and this is probably the nicest one you'll ever see.  It's a 2004 model, with the P Series upgrade, as well as an unlined fretless fingerboard, and gold hardware.  What really sets this above any other BB76 is the body - this one has the 3-piece Anniversary body, with koa back, maple center, and a gorgeous flamed koa top.  Other features include a 5-piece neck with a tung-oiled finish, flamed koa headstock and Dunlop Straploks.

Unknown CL450

The CL450 classical guitar is a fairly recent addition to Carvin's lineup.  The vast majority of these instruments have a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, but this example has been upgraded with a flamed koa top and headstock.  This is the only Carvin model not that have the Carvin logo on the headstock, but it does have the label shown below inside the soundhole.  Other features on this example are gold hardware, and no inlyas on the fingerboard.

Van's C66 & HF2
Carvin BBS ID: Van

Here is Van's 2004 Contour 66, dubbed "Hawaiian Punch".  It has a tung-oiled koa neck, koa body, and flamed koa top with matching V headstock and gold Carvin logo.  Other features include abalone block inlays, stainless steel frets, gold hardware, string saver saddles and coil splitters and bridge on/off switch on a C22B/AP11/C22B pickup configuration.



There's koa, and then there's koa.  This is one of the most stunning koa top I've ever seen, and it maybe be one of the finest guitars Carvin has produced in recent memory.  In addition to the extraordinary top and matching headstock, this one has a mahogany neck and body, matte satin finish on the back of the neck, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware and stainless steel frets.

Aaron's DC127TK
Carvin BBS ID: shredfan

This is an incredible DC127, just loaded with features.  Most obvious is the beautiful flamed koa top.  Also very obvious is the reissue "pointy" headstock, also in flamed koa.  The body is walnut, with a tung-oiled 5-piece maple/walnut neck. Other features include a birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays, gold hardware, piezo Wilkinson tremolo and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of an M22SD in the bridge position, and an H22N in the neck position.  Aaron says:

"This DC127T is my first Carvin guitar, and as long as I have the funds, I know this won't be my last. I wouldn't change a thing on this guitar, its completely perfect for me. I can't say enough, but I know I can say too much, so I'm gonna stop and go play it some more."

Jason Andreasen's DC127T
Carvin BBS ID: Jason_A


This is a real beauty, especially for fans of koa wood.  In addition to the fantastic flamed koa top and matching headstock, this DC127T has a koa body, 5-piece maple/koa neck with tung oil finish and gold hardware.  Of note, an option you don't see very often anymore is the non-rounded body sides.  Compare the edges of the body to the DC127 above - see the difference?

See Jason's website above for more details and pictures on this one.



Sergio's H2
Carvin BBS ID: EyesLikeFire

Another beautiful Holdsworth!  And this 2004 model is absolutely feature-laden, as well.  Most obviously, it has a great flamed koa top with matching headstock.  However, that's where the similarity between this H2 and most, if not all, other Holdsworth's ends.  The standard Holdsworth body is alder, and it's chambered, and an alder neck is standard (although mahogany is sometimes used for the neck and body.  This H2 has a solid koa body (no chambering), with an alder slice in-between the main body and flamed koa top (similar to an Anniversary model), and a koa neck that could almost be described as "burled", even though koa generally doesn't fall under this classification.  Other features include gold hardware, ebony fingerboard, and gold Carvin logo (the first guitar to sport this).  Electronics consist of Holdsworth pickups with phase switching and coil-splitters.  Also of note are the custom-made burled walnut and maple truss rod cover and pickup mounting rings that Sergio added.  Very nice!


The Webmaster's LB70K

This is a 2004 model LB70K, with koa body, 2-piece koa neck, flamed koa top, Birdseye maple fingerboard (with no markers), traditional headstock, H50N stacked humbuckers and gold hardware with 24K gold logo.  Although this appears on the Webmaster's Collection page, it's worth showing here with other LB70s, to give an idea of the wide assortment of features and options Carvin offers.

Woody Green's LB70

Carvin has a real knack for finding beautiful flamed koa tops (see the Webmaster's LB70 and Van's HF2), and this is no exception.  Woody's LB70 also has koa body wings and headstock overlay with non-rounded body sides, maple neck, J99 pickups and black chrome hardware.  Stunning!

Woody also has a new B5 bass - see it right here.


Richard Hildebrandt's B4

This is the nicest B4 - in fact, one of the nicest basses in general - ever submitted to the Museum.  It has a walnut body with a sunsetburst flamed koa top and mahogany neck.  What really sets this B4 apart from most is that it has dual HB-Series pickups with coil splitters for each.  Other features include chrome hardware, stainless steel frets and abalone dot inlays.  Richard says:

"When I played my AC40F for the first time, I fell in love with the feel of the neck.  The more I played it, the more I hated the feel of the neck on my Fender, (great sound, ugly feeling neck, but that is just me) so I almost immediately started planning my next Carvin.  It took me a little over 2 years get my B4 and now I have a hard time putting it down, so the photo's don't do either bass justice.  My B4 is everything I had hoped it would be.  With two HB2's & splitters for both I can get about any sound I could need or want, and it is so loud I had to open the back and make sure they hadn't slipped in a battery!  I just can't imagine needing another bass to add to my two Carvins."

You can see Richard's AC40F right here.

Dougal's XB75P

Wow, check this beauty out.  This is simply a gorgeous XB75P, with a great flamed koa top. 

In addition to the flamed koa, this XB has a matching flamed koa headstock,  5-piece neck, no inlays, and black chrome hardware.

Dougal also has an early 90's LB75 - be sure to take a look.  And if you want to see full sized pics of this beauty, go right here.

Jonathan Beaudin's DC127
Carvin BBS ID: bojo

This is Jonathan's 2005 DC127.  It has a beautiful flamed koa top, koa neck and body, and flamed koa headstock, all with a gloss finish.  Other features include an ebony fingerboard, reverse inline headstock, gold Carvin logo, gold hardware, Fishman acoustic bridge and jumbo frets.  Like the Bolt Plus, the pickups are C22s, with coil splitters and phase switching.

Michael Ross' HF2
Carvin BBS ID: bonesigh

Next is Mike's 2005 HF2.  This is a real beauty, finished in clear gloss on flamed koa with a matching headstock.  It has a rosewood fingerboard with abalone dots and low-wide frets and black hardware.

Dave Fitzgerald's LB70
Carvin BBS ID: Dirty Dave

This is Dave's newest addition, a stunning 2005 LB70.  It has a flamed koa top, with koa body and 5-piece maple/koa neck.  Other features include an ebony fingerboard with no inlays, rounded body sides, HB2/J99 pickups, and black chrome hardware.

Michael Nalisnik's BB75PF

This is a 2004 BB75P.  It has a koa body, flamed koa top with matching headstock, and 5-piece maple/koa neck.  The electronics consist of the HB/J99 combo with HB coil splitter and piezo bridge.  It also has stainless steel frets and gold hardware.

Michael has an excellent collection of Carvin basses - see them all right here.


I Play Um's Bolt Plus
Carvin BBS ID: I Play Um

Next is this beautiful 2004 Bolt Plus.  It's all koa, with a 2-piece koa body, 2-piece koa neck and flamed koa top.  It has a tung-oil finish on the back of the neck, rosewood fingerboard with abalone dots, stainless steel frets, gold hardware, and C22T, AP11 and C22B (with coil splitter) pickups.

Michael Goodwin's BB75PFK
Carvin BBS ID: mgood1

This is Mike's latest addition - an '05 BB75PFK (P Series/fretless/koa), and it's just loaded with features.  It has a 3-piece koa/maple/flamed koa body (similar to the Anniversary Series) with a 5-piece koa neck with maple strips.  It also has a tung-oil finish on the back of the neck, black hardware and Straploks.  Electronics consist of a pair of H50N humbuckers with a piezo bridge.

Mike has plenty more Carvin guitars and basses - see them right here.