The Webmaster's BB70EP

This officially is a BB70EP, but it's totally unique in every way.  The Elite Series was introduced late in 2005, and this is one of the first ones made, and it is the first BB Elite model.  What makes the Elite different from the standard models is that it has a quilted front and back, as well as the front and back of the headstock.  The body and headstock also have a thin wood layer between the body and the quilt - very classy. 

Now this one has a maple body, 5-piece all maple neck with "pointy" headstock, ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays, Hipshot detuner, Straploks and chrome hardware.  I had the older, large Carvin logo used on the headstock, and the Bunny Brunel logo applied to the back.  It's finished in Dragonburst (sometimes called Caribbean Burst), which is a mixture of Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue. Electronics consist of a single HB2 pickup with a pan pot that pans between each coil (like my XB75 below).  It also has a piezo bridge, with a blend control to blend it with the HB2.

You can click each of these photos to see a larger version.  There are more pictures on my Collections page.

Rain De Leon's BB70
Carvin BBS ID: Rain

Rain recently added this very cool '03 Custom Shop BB70 to her lineup (which includes an LB75 and an RL1018 amp).  This beauty features dual J99 pickups, no inlays on the fingerboard, black hardware, and the ultra-cool reverse headstock.  Additionally, it's equipped with LaBella black tapewound strings, giving the bass a slick monochromatic look.


Snoopy Curtis's BB70P
Carvin BBS ID: Snoopy Curtis

A gorgeous example of the BB70P.  The "P" option includes rounded body sides (on LB series basses; rounded body sides aren't available on the BB series), HB2 and J99 pickups, as well as piezo bridge saddles and 18V active electronics.  You can see many more close-up and detailed photos of Snoopy's BB70P on his website - check it out!

Look at the top on this one!  Outstanding.  It's the clear finish over quilted maple option, with a "no-show" neck (meaning the quilted top covers the neck-through design on the front).  Snoopy also added the birdseye maple fingerboard, which really works well with the top.  Other features are a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, no fingerboard inlays, tung-oiled neck, black hardware, straplocks, and a Hipshot de-tuner.

Wrethemyr's BB70F
Carvin BBS ID: wrethemyr

Ah, very nice!  Tung-oiled mahogany, no fretlines, black hardware - a sweet package.  And the wood has a really interesting figure to it - notice the definition in each picture when the light is at a different angle.

Unknown BB70P

This BB70P was spotted in the on-line inventory of a Carvin authorized reseller in Europe, but it's certainly worth having a look at.  It's finished in Dragonburst on flamed maple, and has black chrome hardware and abalone dot inlays.