Robert Grandstaff's AE185

This is an extremely unusual AE185.  Obviously, this finish is a one-of-a-kind job done by Carvin's Custom Shop - in this case, reverse Deep Dragonburst.  Instead of having Sapphire Blue edges fading to a Emerald Green center, this fades from Emerald Green to Sapphire Blue - very unique.  Gold hardware and a CT headstock round out the package.  

Robert says:

"I just received this guitar after an extensive wait in painting and finishing. I ended up getting almost every option available. I'm happy to say it did end up perfect. The finish looks darker than it appears in the pictures. This is the best playing guitar I've ever found, and it was definitely worth the wait."

Ted Shubat's AE185

Here is a beautiful 1998 model AE185, in Pearl Red with a mahogany body and neck, and an unusual mahogany headstock (most people opt for a matching headstock, but this looks really nice).  It has chrome hardware,   Electronics consist of a pair of C22 pickups with coil splitters and phase switching.  Ted says:

"I traded another guitar for this and haven't missed it at all. I probably wouldn't have bought this model new but since I was curious about Carvin and had the opportunity to acquire one I did and I'm glad I did.  I was really surprised at the ergonomics of this guitar and that it weighs next to nothing. It has a great acoustic tone unplugged too.  My perception of the AE 185 was that it's primarily a country music style of guitar but I was wrong it is the most versatile guitar I have and can pretty much play any style of music you care to play.  In short I'm really glad and impressed with this guitar."

Matt Newman's AE185

This is a 2002 model, finished in Pearl White.  It has chrome hardware, black C22 pickups with black bezels, and an ebony fingerboard with dot inlays.  Cool photo!

Dave Guastavino's AE185

Built in June 2004, this is a beautiful AE185, with the classic look of koa & gold hardware.  It has a sunsetburst finish, which looks just stunning over the koa top.  It also has a rosewood fingerboard with abalone block inlays, which is something not often seen, since Carvin only began to offer rosewood early in 2004.  Even the electronics on this one are special - those are Holdsworth H22 humbuckers, loaded up with coil splitters and a phase switch.  A really great example of an AE185!

David Cook's AE185

Here's a very nice flamed koa AE185, built in early 2003.  In addition to the flamed koa top, it has black chrome hardware and black C22 pickups with phase switching and coil splitters.


Dan Martin's AE185

This is a Cherry Sunburst AE185 that Dan scored off of eBay.  It has a quilted maple top, mahogany body and neck, body binding, abalone block inlays and gold hardware.  The previous owner had it autographed on the back by Charlie Daniels.

Dan also has a vintage CM130 - see it right here.

Below are Dan's two Carvins with his classical guitars - from left: 1960 Goya Classical; 1975 Yamaha Classical; 1995 Carvin AE185; 2005 Ibanez Classical; 1978 Carvin CM130.


Mike Sawyer's AE185
Carvin Museum Forums ID: jazzis

This is a beautiful AE185, which Mike received near the end of 2006.  It's finished in clear gloss on figured walnut with body binding, abalone block inlays, black hardware and inline headstock.