Carvin has created a wide variety of guitars in their history - over 50 different models in the past 30 years alone.  Many of those models, especially the long-running DC150 and DC200 models evolved over a 20 year period, from an initial offering of a Höfner bolt-on neck or Carvin maple set neck and maple body to the current neck-thru design with alder body, with lots of variations in between.  There have been hundreds of changes over the years, including different headstocks, electronics and pickups, woods, finishes, hardware and much more.  In this section of the site, you can see the evolution of Carvin's guitars, as well as see models that have long since been retired.

There is also a significant amount of data on instruments Carvin produced early in their history, including steel guitars, mandolins and even the occasional banjo, violin and accordion in the sections from the 50's through the 70's.

In addition to simply browsing through these sections, you can use the Yearly Data Matrix to find a specific year, or the Search function of the site.  If you are trying to identify a specific Carvin guitar, you can use the Guitar Identification Guide.

On most of the pages, you can click on a catalog page image to see the entire page for that particular model.

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