This ad featuring a DC127M and an SX300 appeared in the February 2007 issue of Guitar World.







The December 2005 issue of Guitar Player had this ad for the CT series.







This ad appeared in the Holiday 2005 issue of Guitar World, and it also was on the coveted inside back cover of the November Guitar Player.

Joe Walsh & Carvin Carved Top CT6T  






This ad with Joe Walsh and his CT6T appeared in the August 2005 issue of 20th Century Guitar.







This 2004 ad used the same design cues as the other CT ads, but this time featuring a CT4 Gold Top.

These two ads appeared in the December 2004 (left) and January 2005 (right) issues of Guitar Player.







This ad, from the November 2004 issue of Guitar World, shows new Carvin endorser and long-board surfing champion Daize Shayne with the new CT6M California Carved Top guitar.







Also from the November 2004 issue of Guitar World, this ad features relative newcomer Alex Bach showing off Carvin's portable PA gear and an AE185 guitar.







From March 2004, this ad  featured a flamed koa DC200M and a Umber Stain with Cherry Burst DC127M. It appeared in Guitar Player.







Carvin endorser Tony MacAlpine was featured in this August 2003 ad for the DC747C.  This ad appeared in Guitar One.







The February 2002 issue of the Guitar Player magazine showed this ad featuring the SC90S.







The 2002 issue of the Guitar Buyer's Guide had this ad, which showcased a wide variety of Carvin guitar, bass and pro audio products.







This is an ad from the early 2000's featuring Carvin's Cobalt Series of acoustic guitars.







This ad, which appeared in the January 1993 issue of Guitar, took it's design cues from the newly redesigned 1993 catalog.

This early 90's ad showed Carvin endorser Joey Taffola with an electric green DC127C.

Guitar for the Practicing Musician featured this ad in the August 1991 issue.







This ad was similar to the ones produced in 1989.  However, this was from July 1991, and appeared in Guitar for the Practicing Musician

There was no mistaking the target audience of this June 1991 Ultra V ad that appeared in Guitar for the Practicing Musician.

These two half-page ads appeared in the April (left) and May (right) 1990 issue of Guitar Player, and showcased the DC135K and the DC400.

This ad is from the July 1990 issue of Guitar School, and features Guy Mann-Dude and the X220 guitar.

From the December 1989 issue of Guitar, this 2-page spread showed off the newly-redesigned Ultra V and X220.

This ad, from May 1989 and shown in Guitar Player, shows a DC400 and DC135.  There was also a bass ad that used the same layout.

From 1989, this ad shows Craig Chaquico and Bob Bradshaw, as well as a DC125 with flamed top and reverse inline headstock.

Another of the many Carvin ads featuring Craig Chaquico - this one appeared in the May 1988 issue of Guitar Player.

Craig Chaquico appeared in many ads over the years, and this one from 1987 features Craig's custom-painted V220, and a wall of X100B amps.

Borrowing an image from the 1987 catalog, this ad (left) shows off the new (at the time) Ultra V, with Metal Method guitarist Doug Marks.

This isn't an actual Carvin ad, but having Vicki Peterson's pink DC125 on the cover of the March 26, 1987 issue of Rolling Stone was still terrific exposure for Carvin.  And if you're not a Bangles fan, Vicki is on the far left - bassist Michael Steel is actually holding the DC125 (with Susanna Hoffs at the top, and drummer Debbi Peterson on the right).

This was a very popular as in the mid 1980's, and was also shown in the 1986 catalog.  This particular ad was in the August 1986 issue of Guitar Player.

From a 1986 Guitar Magazine ad, here's one featuring a koa LB70, as well as a pink V220 and a DC400.  This was a pretty popular ad layout in the 80's, because it featured so many of Carvin's products.

This two page ad, which was in the September 1985 issue of Guitar Player, showed the V220, as well as the new V440 bass and the DC125 guitar.

This half-page ad, from the April 1985 issue of Guitar Player, featured the V220. 

This is one of the earliest ads exclusively for the V220.  This particular one, which was a two-page spread, appeared in the February and May 1984 issues of Guitar Player.

This 1984 ad borrowed from the catalog cover, like many of Carvin's ads in the 1980's.  This particular one appeared in the July issue of Guitar World, and a nearly identical one appeared in the February 1984 issue of Guitar Player.
Another popular ad from the 80's featuring Craig Chaquico and his flamed V220 and Carvin stacks.  This one appeared in the November 1984 issue of Guitar World.
These two ads made up a two-page spread in the August 1983 issue of Guitar Player.  These effectively showed almost everything Carvin had to offer, although basses were notably absent.
Also from August of 1983, this ad featured long-time Carvin endorser Craig Chaquico, who would appear in many Carvin ads from the early 80's through the present.
Carvin often used photographs right out of the catalog for their ads, like this one for the DC200 Koa.  This is from the April 1982 issue of Guitar Player
Another ad with Craig Chaquico, from the October 1981 issue of Guitar Player.  This was one of the more widely featured ads of that era.
This March 1982 ad, from Guitar Player, used the cover of the 1982 catalog with a description of all the gear.
From the October 1981 issue of Guitar Player, this ad heralded the future of Carvin - wide selection of models, high-end appointments such as coil-splitters and abalone, and classic styling.
From the December 1981 issue of Guitar Player, this ad picked up where the above ad left off, showing additional models and options.
The July 1980 issue of Guitar Player showed this ad for the  DC150.
From the June 1980 issue of Guitar Player, here's an ad touting the new M22 humbucker pickup.
Like many other Carvin ads, this one from the February 1980 issue of Guitar Player used the  cover of the current catalog, with a description of all the equipment shown.
From the April 1977 issue of Guitar Player, this ad features the DT650 12-string/6-string doubleneck.
This ad is also from 1977, and features the DC150 Stereo.
This August 1979 Guitar Player 1/4 page spot showed John Cipollina playing a DC150 through a VT112 amp.
From the January 1977 issue of Guitar Player, this ad featured an assortment of Carvin pro audio gears, amps and a DC150 guitar.

This ad appeared in the January 1973 issue of Guitar Player magazine, and showed a CM95 guitar with an LP600 Lead Performer amplifier.

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