The Webmaster receives, literally, hundreds of emails every day pertaining to Carvin (and sometimes other) gear.  Although I try to answer every email I receive, it's nearly impossible to answer them all, especially in a timely fashion.  So, if you have a question about a particular piece of Carvin gear, before e-mailing the webmaster, consider the following alternatives:


- If you're trying to identify a particular piece of gear, consult the Guitar ID Guide, Bass ID Guide, or Amp ID Guide.  Guitars and basses are reasonably easy to identify, based on the information in these guides.

- Look at the yearly catalog data (you can use the Quick Nav box at the top of this page to get started).  This is another effective method of identifying a particular piece of gear.

- If you still can't figure out what model a particular guitar, bass, amp or other gear is, post a message in the Forums, preferably with pictures.  There are hundreds of Carvin fans, many of whom are very knowledgeable, who may be able to help you.  Odds are, you'll get an answer almost immediately.  Additionally, the Forums are made up of a community of great people, so hang around and make some new friends!

For other general questions, like what something may be worth, how a particular piece of gear sounds and so on, then the Forums are your best bet, as well.  Unless you want to know something about the Webmaster's personal gear, then the Webmaster can't really tell you what a certain amp sounds like, a certain guitar plays like, and so on.  The members of the Forum represent a huge array of Carvin gear, and will most likely have the answer you are looking for.

If your question is private, or you haven't been able to find an answer via the methods mentioned above, then you may e-mail the Webmaster at  However, keep in mind that it may take a while to get an answer.

Keep in mind that the Carvin Museum isn't affiliated with Carvin, Inc.  If you have questions or issues regarding new orders, shipping issues, or other general customer service items, visit