This is a 1952 Carvin Bakelite lap steel.


And here's the headstock of the above model.


Here's an early 1950's lap steel.


And the headstock of the above steel.


Here's a model #6DHG-5B from about 1959, with the original shipping carton.


This is a mid-50's #8806A doubleneck 8-string steel guitar.


This is an #10-B steel guitar from the late 1960's.


This is a mid-1950's D88801 triple-neck steel.


And here's a close-up of the above D88801.


Here's a vintage #DHG-5B steel guitar from the late 1950's. 


From the late 1950's, this is a 60C steel guitar, made from maple and walnut, with original case and telescoping legs. 


Here's a great look at the Multi-Harp Triplex string changer used on early Carvin steel guitars. 


Here's another Multi-Harp Triplex string changer.


Here's a 1954 (roughly) 6606 doubleneck steel guitar, with an early 50's Carvin amp.


This is a 1965 #8806 doubleneck 10-string steel guitar.


Here's a mid-60's #8806D doubleneck 8-string steel guitar.


This is a 1957 Model #8806A steel guitar.


Although this looks remarkably similar to the '57 #8806A above, this is actually a 1976 Pro D8 - the last year Carvin offered a steel guitar.


Here's a close-up of the headstocks on the Pro D8 above.


This is technically not even a Carvin.  This is a 1940's Kiesel (the predecessor to the Carvin name) lap-steel guitar. 


This Kiesel is similar to the one above, but it looks like the case isn't original. 

Here's another Kiesel similar to the ones above.  It's now part of The Webmaster's Collection