They really don't get much rare than this.  This is a mid-80's V220T, with a solid quilted body in a left-handed configuration.


Here's the back of the above X220T.


This is an unusual left-handed X220C, made around 1993, at the end of the run of this model.


From the same seller as the lefty X220 above, here's a mid-80's left-handed V220 with TB6 bridge and chrome hardware.


Here's a late 80's V220 that has been obviously heavily modified...


Another V220 with some graphic mods. 


This V220 has been modified with EMG pickups and a custom-made pickguard. 


This 1987 V220 has abalone block inlays, which wasn't seen on many Vs.


A late 80's V220 in clear gloss on flamed maple.


Here's another shot of the above V220.


And another clear flamed maple V220.


Here's a mid-80's V220 in clear gloss on maple.


This is a V220 from the mid-1980's, finished in black with chrome hardware and Kahler tremolo.


This is a mid-1980's V220 in gloss black with gold hardware and a Kahler tremolo. 


From about 1989, this neck-through V220 is finished in Pearl Blue, with the less-common inline headstock.  It's now part of Bundy's Collection.


Here's an extremely rare left-handed, 1988 or 1989 V220 with an inline headstock and abalone block inlays. 


This V220 was obviously refinished at some point in it's life.


And here's another refinished V220.


Here's an Ultra V with the less-common Wilkinson tremolo.


From the same seller as the X220 below, this 1990 Ultra V in Vintage Yellow on flamed maple with birdseye maple fingerboard, and 3-pickup electronics is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.  This V is now part of Dan St. Peters' impressive collection.


Wow, this is a rare one.  A 1992 X220 in emerald green on flamed maple with birdseye maple fingerboard. 


One of Carvin's great classic pointy models - this is a 1985 V220 in pearl white.


Here's another mid-80's white V220, this time with an FTB-6 bridge.


This mid-80's V220 had a little decal work done on it...


This is a 1988 V220 with Kahler tremolo, gold hardware, and the less-common in-line headstock.


This is a 1987 V220 in very rare Platinum Pearl Pink.


Here's another pink V220, with chrome hardware and a Kahler.


This Ultra V was originally made for Steve Lynch of the band Autograph, and has been spotted on eBay several times.


Here's a very cool Ultra V from the early 90's finished in electric green.


This is a close-up of the above Ultra V.


This is an Ultra V from about 1991 in Ferrari red.


This early 90's Ultra V has obviously been modified.


Here's another look at the snakeskin V.


Here's an unusual Ultra V - it has a reverse body (a left-handed body used on a right-handed guitar), giving it the look of a Jackson Randy Rhodes model.


Yikes!  This guitar started life as a '92 X220, then the owner decided to convert it to a "travel guitar".  Enter the circular saw.  This one  surprisingly sold for $132.