Here's an unusual SC90, finished in Pearl Silver with a birdseye maple fingerboard.


This is a great looking recent SC90 in figured walnut with Birdseye maple fingerboard.


This top is worth a second look!


Here's a nice looking late-model SC90, in translucent emerald green on flamed maple with black chrome hardware.


This SC90 is finished in traditional sunburst on koa with a 5-piece neck.


This is a really nice TL60 in antique brown on quilted maple.


Here's a 2003 TL60T finished in umber stain on quilt.


This is one of those really unusual Carvins that popup on eBay from time-to-time.  It was made in 1993 from Fred Newell, of TNN's "Nashville Now!" television show, and the most obvious feature is the wild electric green finish. 


This TL60T is finished in emerald green on flamed maple, and has gold hardware and a Wilkinson tremolo.


Here's another TL60 in emerald green, but in this case, on quilted maple, and with twinblade pickups.


Here's an interesting TL60 - it only has a bridge pickup, which was not a standard option on these models.