Here's a recent CT6C with a flamed maple top finished in Ruby Red stain.  


This CT6C is finished in deep-triple step Tiger's Eye stain with cherryburst edges.


This is a 2005 model CT6M in Umber Stain on quilted maple..  


This guitar has a sort of historical significance - it's the first CT6M to appear on eBay.  


Here's a very interesting CT6T.  It was custom ordered with a burled maple top, and a bocate fingerboard.  Very unusual.


Here's a closeup of the burled maple body of the CT6T above.


This is a 2004 CT6T in clear gloss on quilt with gold hardware and Wilkinson tremolo.


Here's a CT6M in deep triple-step tiger-eye on quilted maple.


This is a CT3M in Ruby Red stain on mahogany.  It's been retrofitted with DiMarzio pickups. 


Here's a recent Goldtop CT4M.


And here's CT4T Goldtop.


Here's a CT6M in Deep Triple Step Tiger's Eye finish on quilt with gold hardware and abalone blocks. 


This 2005 CT3M is finished in blueburst on mahogany with gold hardware and zebra pickups.


This is a CT3M in clear gloss on mahogany.  


Here's another very nice quilted-top CT6M.


This is a CT6T in sapphire blue on flamed maple with chrome hardware.


This is a 2004 CT6T in deep red on quilt with gold hardware.


This 2004 CT6M is finished in Burnt Umber Stain with Sunsetburst edges on quilted maple.  


Here's a CT6M finished in Deep Triple-Step Red on flamed maple with gold hardware.


This CT6T is finished in Sunsetburst on flamed maple, and has a rosewood fingerboard, gold hardware, and Floyd Rose tremolo.  Unfortunately, someone routed the body for EMG pickups (a quick call to Carvin verified that this was not a factory job).


This 2004 CT6M has a flamed maple top with Burnt Umber Stain with Sunsetburst edges finish.  Notice also the birdseye maple fingerboard.