Probably the only AC375 in Harlequin Prismatique floating around out there.


Here's a closeup of the AC375 above.


Here's a recent CL450 in sapphire blue on quilt - a great look for a classical guitar.


Here's a different CL450 in sapphire blue.


This is a 2003 model CL450 classical guitar in tobacco sunburst.


Here's an AC375 finished in clear gloss with a flamed koa top.


Here's another flamed koa AC375, from 2001.


Although AE185's do show up on eBay from time to time, not many can match the beautiful flamed koa top that this one has.


Here's an AE185-12 string model in claro walnut.


This is a flamed koa AE185-12 string model with gold hardware.


Here's a left-handed AE185 in cherry sunburst.


You don't see purpleburst on an AE185 very often - especially a 12-string version..


Here's an AE185 in sunsetburst with gold hardware.


This AE185 with a figured walnut top is one of the nicest spotted on the Museum.


Here's another AE185 with a figured walnut top - this one is quite unusual!


And another AE185 with a nicely figured walnut top.


This is an AE185 in classic white with black hardware. 


This is a recent AE185 in clear gloss on flamed maple with chrome hardware. 


Here's an AE185 in deep purple - a color rarely seen on this model.


And here's a flamed koa AE185 with gold hardware.


This AE185 is finished in cherryburst with black chrome hardware.


Here's a left-handed AC375 in tobacco sunburst.


Here's another one you don't see too many of - an AC275-12 from about 2002 in clear gloss on quilted maple. 


And here's an AC275-12 with a flamed koa top and black chrome hardware..


One of the rarest Carvins around, this is a 2001 AC375 Swallowtail.


Definitely worth a second look...


And here's another Artist Series model, an AE185 Catfish.


Here's a close-up showing the marquetry detail of the Catfish.


And here's the Catfish headstock.


Here is a 2001 AC275 with a flamed koa top.


This is a 1999 model AC275 in clear gloss on flamed maple with an inline headstock.


This is a 1998 AC175 in koa.