This '93 DN612 is unusual in that it only has one pickup on each neck.  It's finished in Pearl Blue, and has black hardware and a Wilkinson tremolo.  See more of it in the Player's Gallery.


Here's a rare and cool 1988 DN612, finished in Pearl Purple with abalone blocks and black chrome hardware.


This '81 DN612K is made from solid flamed koa - not that unusual in the early '80s, but unheard of now.


This is one of the most unusual Carvins ever made.  This is a late-1980's DN440T, with fretless and fretted necks, finished in black, with offsetting headstocks...


...that are actually joined at the top.  Supposedly, this was made for a NAMM show. 


A very rare late 60's Model #11 guitar mandolin.  See better pictures of it in the Player's Gallery.


Equally rare is this mid-60's model #1-MS doubleneck guitar mandolin.  This sold for an astonishing $1700.


Here's another shot of the #1-MS above.


This is a early 70's DBS98B doubleneck guitar bass, with Bigsby vibrato.


This is a reasonably rare model - a 1975 DTS90B doubleneck 6/12 string guitar. 


This is a 1977 DT650, with stock chrome pickups covers and hardware, maple body finished in black, and bolt-on maple necks.


Here's another shot of the above DT650, showing a nice detail of the headstocks.


This is DT650 from 1977 is clear gloss.


And here's another 1978 DT650 doubleneck.  This one sold for an astounding $1400.


A very elusive bass-on-top DN640, with Kahler bass trem and Carvin-licensed Floyd Rose trem.  Until recently, this was part of the webmaster's collection.

See better pictures of it here


Here's another bass-on-top DN640.  The 4-string bass had been modified and converted to a 5-string.


The doublenecks have been proliferating on eBay lately.  And here's one of the rarer ones - a 1990 DN640, with the bass neck on top, and a Roland synth module. 


You don't see too many of these.  This is a '77 DB630.  This model ended production one year later, in 1978.


Here's a full view of the above DB630.


Here's a 1978 DB630.  Notice that it has M22 pickups, which debuted in '78.


And here's a 1978 DB630 in black. 


Here's the guitar counterpart to the DB630 above - a 1978 DT650 doubleneck 6/12 stringer.


Here's another unusual doubleneck - a 1976 DT650L (for lefthanded).


A great example of an early 80's DN640.  The gold hardware on black looks great!

Update!  This one was bought and completely restored by Stephen Ayres - check it out right here!


This is a mid-80's DN612, in koa with optional black pickups and bezels and black hardware.


This Pearl Blue DN612 is a 1988 model. 


Here's a nice 1991 DN612, in gloss black with gold hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo. 


This is an early 90's DN612, in koa wood, with birdseye maple fingerboards, and the cool 12-inline headstock.


These are the headstocks from the above DN612, and they're worth a closer look, since this may be the only koa 12-inline headstock you'll ever see.


This DN612 is finished in sapphire blue on flamed maple, and it has the highly unusual 12-inline headstock.  


Carvin guitars from the 80's, like this 1980 DN612, had nice figure in the maple bodies that went all the way through - not just a top.  This is a great example of that. 


This is a 1981 DN640, also finished in clear gloss on maple with chrome hardware.


You either love these or hate them.  This is a 1989 DN612. 


This is a 1988 DN612, with the 12-inline headstock and hardtail bridge on both necks. 


This is an '85 DN612, in gloss black with chrome hardware. 


A very nice DN612 from 1992 - note the softer horns  compared to the 80's model above.