This mid-80's LB50 has been refinished with a cool blue swirl paint job.


This early 1980's LB60 has a solid Birdseye maple body and neck.  Very nice! Unfortunately, someone added Bartolini pickups to it.


The back of the above LB60.


Another very rare bass.  The LB90 was only made for two years, and only made in Pearl Pink in 1988.  This is a fretless model.


This is a 1988 LB90F in koa with gold hardware.


This is a good looking LB90F from 1988 with Pearl White finish, gold hardware, and an unlined fretboard.


A blast from the past!  This is a late 80's LB90F.  Koa body, with the "V" headstock - a classic!


From the mid-80's, this is an LB60 in koa.


This is a reasonable rare LB60, from 1986.


I liked this '87 Platinum Pearl Pink LB60 that it's now part of my collection.


This LB60F from 1986 looks nice with it's all-black appointments and blank fingerboard. 


Here's an '87 LB60 with black chrome hardware and Kahler bass tremolo.


This LB50 is from 1979, the first year of production. 


LB50's are somewhat easy to find on eBay, but very, very rarely in white, like this 1984 model. 


This is a very nice LB50 in koa from about 1986.


In 1980, the LB50 only had one tone knob, as shown here. Later models had a tone control for each pickup (4 knobs altogether). 


This is an LB60 fretless in natural maple.


This is a 1983 LB40 in koa.  The pickup and the bridge are obviously not original.


This is an LB40 from 1985 - reasonably rare, in black finish.


Here's an LB40 from the mid-1980's in natural finish.


Here's a close-up of the above LB40.


Here's another clear LB40, but with a black M22B pickup.


And another clear LB40, but with a cream M22B pickup with black bezel.


This LB40 has some nice figure to the maple body.


And here's one in white from 1985, as well.   


Another white LB40, with gold hardware.   


You don't see many of these - this is a mid-80's LB40 in gloss black with chrome hardware.


Here's an LB50 from about 1983, in standard early-eighties livery.  


Black LB50's from the early 1980's pretty much all looked the same, as shown by this model.


This is nice!  From 1981, when the flamed maple made up the entire body, not just this top.  This is an LB50F.


This is a mid-80's LB60, in full koa.


Here's a very nice vintage '79 LB50, in really good condition. 


This is an early to mid eighties left-handed LB50 in koa wood.  The owner had the frets pulled, but it still looks good.


And here's another early to mid 80's LB-50.  All original, with gold hardware and stereo wiring.  Not bad for a 20 year old bass.