This is a very nice late model B5 in bookmatched swamp ash.  


This is a 2004 model LB70P in black stain on quilt with a birdseye maple fingerboard and black chrome hardware.


Here's a 2004 model LB75P in vintage yellow on swamp ash.


This recent LB70P is finished in sapphire blue on quilted maple with abalone block inlays and chrome hardware.


This LB75 is finished in black stain on quilted maple.


This is an LB75WP with a beautiful Claro walnut top, black chrome hardware, and dual HB pickups.


Here's a recent LB70 in Pearl Silver.


This is a recent LB75, with a nicely figured swamp ash body and 5-piece maple/koa neck.


Here's a very unusual recent LB76P.  It has a walnut body, but is topped with Grapefruit Wood, which is not a standard option offered by Carvin.


This is a recent LB76P in clear gloss on flamed maple with black chrome hardware.  


This swamp ash LB70 was evidently given away by Bassics magazine in honor of their 10th anniversary, hence the "Bassics 10" logo on it.  


Here's a close-up of the above LB70's headstock, with the Bassics truss rod cover.  


This is a recent LB76P in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple with a 5-piece maple/koa neck.


This is an unusual LB75.  Although hard to tell in this photograph, it has a traditional headstock - something ordinarily not done on Carvin's 5-string basses.


Here's the rear of the LB75 headstock from above.  It appears to be a factory job, including the Hipshot detuner.


Here's an interesting late-90's LB76A that was retrofitted with a 6-string Kahler bass tremolo..


From 1999, this LB75, finished in matte satin on koa, is one of the earliest to have dual HB-Series pickups.

This bass is now part of Rob Lee's Collection.


This is a recent LB75 in black stain on quilt.  Notice the different spacing on the dual HB's compared to the LB75 above.


This is a 2000 model LB76, finished in vintage yellow on flamed maple.


Here's a recent LB70P in cherry sunburst on quilt with traditional headstock, gold hardware and abalone block inlays.


This is a 1995 LB70 in blueburst on koa with a maple neck.


Here's an 2000 model LB75 with alder body and maple neck.


On the surface, this probably looks like a run-of-the mill LB76 in koa, however, the Wilkinson bridge was discontinued in 1997, but the HB-series humbucker wasn't introduced until 1999.  Therefore, this may be one of the first basses with an HB (or one of the last with a Wilkie).


This LB70 has a figured walnut body with dual HB2 pickups.


Here's a 1999 LB70F in clear gloss on flamed maple with gold hardware.


Here's a B4F with a nicely figured koa body.


This 2005 LB76P has a beautiful figured walnut top.


This is a recent LB75, in a left-handed version in Harlequin Prismatique.


This LB75 is finished in tobacco sunburst on koa, with dual HB humbuckers.


This recent LB70, in black stain, has an amazing chevron-like quilt pattern.


Here's another look at the quilt on the above LB70.


This is another very nice quilt patterns - in this case, on an LB75P.


This LB70P has a very nice pattern in the swamp ash body.


This is a fairly recent LB75 in Cherry Sunburst on quilted maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard.


Here's a nice LB76WL - a Claro walnut model, in a left-handed version.


This is an LB76WP, with Claro walnut top, dual HB-Series pickups and chrome hardware.


Here's another dual-pickup LB76P; in this case, finished in clear gloss on quilt.


You don't see many of these, and now that Harlequin Prismatique has been discontinued, they'll become more scarce.  This is an early 2000's LB75 with J99 pickups.  The upper horn is signed by Victor Wooten.


Wow!  A flamed koa LB76F with dual HB2 pickups.


Here's an unusual LB70L (left-handed) in walnut with a koa and maple neck. 


This LB76 is finished in black stain on quilt with a 5-piece neck and chrome hardware.


This recent LB70P is finished in silverburst, which is Pearl Silver with blackburst edges.


Here's the back of the above LB70P.


This 2000 model LB75 sold for $530.00 - another good deal.


Here's a fairly recent LB70 in Sapphire Blue on flamed maple with maple fingerboard and chrome hardware.


A very cool LB75P, featuring dual alnico pickups, nice swamp ash body and 5-piece koa/maple neck.  Really nice!


Here's a claro walnut LB70 with dual HB4 alnico pickups.  Very nice.


Very nice!  An LB76 with dual alnicos, and a great black stain finish on flame. 


This is cool.  A fairly new LB70, with the great HP finish, maple fingerboard, and V headstock.  Sweet!


This LB75 has a walnut body with a maple neck and Birdseye maple fingerboard.


A very nice LB75F, with a gorgeous quilted purple top.


Here's an interesting LB75.  According to the seller, this has a spalted fiddled maple top, estimated at around 400 years old, which evidently came from a lake in Australia.  Very unique!


Here's a nice swamp ash LB70 with dual Alnico HB2 pickups.  Note that it's strung with those great tapewound strings, too.


Here's a really nice LB70P, in tobaccoburst on quilt finish with chrome hardware.


Wow, look at that quilt!  This is a beautiful LB75, with black stain finish over quilted maple.  One of the nicest quilts I've ever seen.


Dual alnicos are the way to go for a big, fat sound, just like on this LB75, which has a gorgeous ruby red stain on quilted maple finish.


Here's an LB75A from the mid-nineties.  What makes this one unique is the Flying V style headstock - a rare feature, and something you'll never see unless you're hanging out at my house.


On the heels of the LB75A above came this LB75, with it's own custom-V headstock.  So, counting mine, that's 3 of 'em out there.


Here's another V headstock on an LB75.  Notice the logo is different that the examples above.


Here's a Timothy B. Schmit model, a TBS4, from 2004 finished in ruby red stain on quilted maple.


This B5F is finished in Harlequin Prismatique with black chrome hardware.


This BK4A kit pretty much speaks for itself.