OK, this is a little strange.  It's an early BB75 (notice the location of the input jack), but it has an HB pickup in the neck position, and a J99 in the bridge position.  Since the HB pickup didn't come out until '99, long after the BB input jack had been moved to the side, this was probably an aftermarket mod.


Here's another shot of the above BB75.


Here's a late 90's BB70 in clear gloss on quilted maple.


This is a recent BB70P, with a nicely figured swamp ash body and 5-piece maple/walnut neck.


Look at the top on this one!  This recent BB75P has gold hardware, and a beautiful figured walnut top.


Here's a very nice BB70 in Sapphire Blue on swamp ash with dual HB pickups. 


This extremely cool 2005 BB75 was originally made for Bunny Brunel himself, but he evidently ended up not liking the finish, so Carvin put it on eBay..


Here's a BB70P in antique brown on quilted maple with black hardware..


This is a recent BB75WP, in claro walnut, with dual HB pickups and the P-series upgrade.


This is a 2004 BB76 in walnut with dual HB-Series pickups.


Here's a great looking BB5F that has an interesting feature that isn't apparent from the photo.  The low B string goes through the body, while the rest do not - so, there's only one ferrule on the back.  Interesting.  And this picture shows the unique positioning of the fingerboard dots (off-center, so not right under the A string).


This is a mid-90's BB75, with a maple body and unusual mahogany and maple neck.


Here's another BB model with an unusual neck - in this case, it's a BB76P, with a swamp ash body and koa/maple neck.  It also has a Roland synth module with dual HB pickups.


This BB75P is finished in Cherry Sunburst on quilted maple with Birdseye maple fingerboard.


This BB75 is finished in Umber Stain with Sunsetburst edges.


This 2003 BB75P is finished has a koa body with a 5-piece maple and koa neck.


From about 2003, this is a gorgeous BB76P in figured walnut with a birdseye maple fingerboard. 


You don't see too many BB series basses on eBay.  This is a early model (note the front input jack) in white with black hardware.


This BB75 in Pearl Blue is from the mid-1990's.