Here's a left-handed AC40 in flamed koa.


This AC40 has a very nice quilted maple top with a clear finish.  It also has abalone block inlays and gold hardware.


This AC40 is finished in Ruby Red stain on quilted maple with gold hardware, abalone block inlays and body binding.


Here's a straight-forward AC40 in jet black with chrome hardware.


This AC40F has an unusual cedar top.


This is a very unusual AC40.  Evidently, you can actually order one with a 5-piece neck.


Here's the back of the AC40 above.  It has a mahogany body, and the 5-piece neck is koa and maple.


Here's another AC40 with a 5-piece neck.


This is a great looking recent AC50F, with sapphire blue quilted top, body binding and block inlays.


Pearl Silver on an AC40?  Sure, why not?


Here's another Pearl Silver AC40 - notice that this one has black hardware, while the one directly above has chrome.  


This AC50F is finished in clear quilt with an unlined fingerboard.


Wow, look at this one!  A great quilted emerald green finish, gold hardware & body binding makes this AC50F look oh-so nice...


Here's another AC40, this time in koa.


Also in koa, this is an AC50 with gold hardware.


Here's another AC40, this time a left-handed model in classic white.