Here's a hard-to-find X-Amp with an oak cabinet.


This is a roadworn model #8-12-A from the late 50's or early 60's.


From 1956, this is a model #666 amp.


Here's another #666, from 1957.


This is the rear of the above model #666, which shows the control layout.


This is a Kiesel Model #8-B, from the late 1940's. 


Here's a late-70's era VTX112 combo amp.


This is a 1964 model #10-RA amp. 


Here's a late 80's/early 90's X-100B head that was mounted in a custom-made oak cabinet. 


This is a very cool 1980's X60B guitar amp.  The seller (or some previous owner) made this custom cabinetry for the amp head and the speakers.  Very classy! 


Here's an unusual mid-80's X-Amp.   Obviously, at some point, someone decided to cover it in snakeskin tolex.  It actually looks pretty nice.


This is the back of the snakeskin X-Amp. Worth a second look.


This is an X100-B that has been recovered in orange tolex.


From 1976, this is a VTR-2800 guitar head.


This is a 1967 T11 amp head.


From 1969, this is a Bass Master B1010 amp head.


This is an early 50's Carvin amp, with a Bakelite case, just like the lap steel guitars of the era.


Here's a 1946 Kiesel amplifier - one of the oldest items on the site.


This is a late 70's MP600 powered mixer.


This is a 1979 S1800 mixer.


This is an MP410 mixer from the mid-1970's.