This little thing called the Internet took off in the latter part of the nineties, and Carvin started to fully exploit it in 1999, and by the two-thousands, it was a full-blown marketing tool.  The original website, carvinguitars.com, was primarily a marketing tool, used to collect catalog requests. But in '99, Carvin launched a fully interactive site featuring all their models, reviews, on-line ordering and many other features.

A big plus to the website was the listing of "Guitars-in-Stock".  Although Carvin is noted for building instruments that are custom ordered, they also build instruments to sell in their shops in southern California.  So, there are usually a couple of hundred pre-built and ready ship instruments for those who have "buy fever", and don't want to wait the 2 months to have a custom built instrument. 

Carvin Guitars-In-Stock

One of the most revolutionary features on the new website was the Virtual Custom Shop.  This was unique in the industry, and gave guitarists and bassists the ability to see what each model looked like, in any configuration of wood and finish.  With over 50 finish/wood combinations, it was simply not practical to include pictures of every feasible combination in the catalog, but the Virtual Custom Shop allowed Carvin to show everything off.

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