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Eighties Bass Amps


The 80's must have been an exciting time to work at Carvin.  The decade started with two basic models, the DC150 and CM140, plus the newly redesigned doubleneck series, and only two finishes, but by the time the decade ended, there were 11 models, a variety of finishes, electronics, hardware and other options.  Many of the design features and construction methods would still be in use on modern Carvins - things such as neck-thru design, premium ebony fingerboards, and the DC200 body style would remain popular and in use to this day, which proved that Carvin was on the right track when they pioneered many of these items.  Other features, such as bright pearl colors, doublenecks, and the V guitars would make a huge splash, sell like crazy, then begin to fade away as the decade ended.

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