Obviously, the main credit needs to go to Carvin for making consistently great basses and guitars. And quite a few of the images on the site were taken from Carvin.com or provided to me by Carvin.

Additionally, this site wouldn't exist without the groundwork created by Almighty Todd at the Carvin Guitar Museum.  Visit his site, show him some love!

Huge thanks to all the people who have contributed items for the Player's Gallery and Collections, and the people listed below who were kind enough to take the time to scan catalogs from their collections for the site.  Additionally, there have been many people who have clarified data, pointed out errors and so on - thanks to all!

Very special thanks to Andy Buschmann.  Andy was kind enough to send me a catalog from every single year between 1982 and 2000.  Without this contribution, it would have taken me months, maybe years, to compile all the data you see here.

Images from the 1960 catalog were scanned and provided by Michael Mullins.

Images from the 1962 catalog were scanned and provided by Peter Stuart.

Images from the 1968 and 1975 catalogs were scanned and provided by Garth Anderson.

Images from 1967 were contributed by Ed Cummins.  Stop by and visit him at the Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association.

Images from the 1961 catalog were scanned and provided by Gary Oatsvall.

The 1973 catalog was donated by John Carvalho.  Mahalo!

Images from the 1976 catalog were scanned and provided by Odice Hines.

Images from the 1988 catalog were graciously scanned and provided by Xush.

Images and data from the 1969 and 1979 catalogs, and tons of the old Carvin ads were provided by Joseph Lo Monaco (FilthyJoe on the Carvin BBS).

All Hofner images were generously provided by Steve Russell's Vintage Hofner Site.