Tyler's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: S3CUR3

Here's a nice collection of Carvin six-stringers, in a nice assortment of woods and options. 

First up is Tyler's DC127 (above).  It's a 2003 model, and has a very interesting look, with a mahogany body and neck, and a plain maple top.  Very interesting and cool.  Tyler says:

"This DC127 hardtail was born on 4/18/03.  It has an M22SD and an M22N pickup, both zebra striped, a reverse inline headstock, and rounded body sides, all topped off with gold hardware.  The body and neck are mahogany with a maple top and a flamed maple truss rod cover.  It's definitely the thickest sounding of my guitars and is a definite keeper.  This last pic is the money shot - the maple and mahogany together looks great."

Next is Tyler's 1998 DC127C, in koa with a maple neck and maple fingerboard (below).  Tyler says:

"Here's the next of my "collection" - a 1998 DC127C with active electronics.  I purchased it off eBay last year and fell in love instantly.  The neck on it is huge - it reminds me of a cross between a '59 Les Paul and an 80's Jackson contour.  The radius on it is pretty big - my best guess is 10".  I really wish I could figure out what options are on the neck because it is by far my favorite of any guitar.  It has a maple neck and fretboard, black left handed headstock, and a non-rounded mahogany body with a tung oil finish.  The black hardware was originally matched with a black C22N and C22T humbucker, but the bridge pickup was replaced by a white DiMarzio Evo.  Stock, it came with active electronics, but after a great deal of trouble with them, I took them out and went back to passives.  Passives match much better with the Evo.  Also, the locking nut did not come stock, but I had it installed by a local luthier.  It's bolted through the neck, which is the way that I would prefer anyway.  Overall, this is my favorite and most versatile guitar."


Below is Tyler's mid-90's DC200T.  It's all koa, with ebony fingerboard, black painted headstock, MOP block inlays, black chrome hardware and Wilkinson tremolo.  It has active electronics with C22 pickups, coil splitters and phase switching.