Matt D's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: Matt D

Matt has a collection that covers all the bases with Carvin - an LB20 bass, LB60 bass, DC727 guitar, DC127M guitar, TL60T guitar, V220 guitar, Cobalt acoustic guitar, and some other goodies.  On top of that, Matt has several Carvin amps - VM100 with a Legacy cabinet, and an R1000 bass head with a BRX10 cabinet.  


First up, and most unique, is Matt's 2004 DC127M.  For 2004 NAMM, Carvin built a DC127 with a reverse body, and a DC200 in bright orange (see them both here) - Matt had Carvin combine these features in his guitar, which is made from a left-handed body with right-handed controls and neck.  It's loaded with H22 humbuckers, and has chrome hardware.

Next is Matt's 2003 TL60T.  It's finished in greenburst, on standard alder with a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, abalone dot inlays, Wilkinson tremolo and chrome hardware.

This is Matt's Cobalt C750.  It's standard issue, with spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and Fishman electronics.

Next is Matt's mid-90's LB20 bass.  It has koa body wings with a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, traditional (2X2) headstock, Wilkinson bridge and gold hardware.

Here's a recent DC727C that Matt scored on eBay in 2005.  It's black with chrome hardware, Floyd Rose tremolo and abalone block inlays on ebony.

This is Matt's 1987 LB60, which he bought from the Carvin Museum Webmaster.  It's finished in Platinum Pearl Pink, has chrome hardware, and is equipped with H11B stacked humbucking pickups.

As if acquiring the Webmaster's pink LB60 wasn't enough, Matt recently scored this pink V220 on eBay.  It's an '87 model, and is equipped with a Kahler tremolo and chrome hardware.

This is just cool.  In the summer of 2006, Matt bought the parts from Carvin, and had this custom 7-string V220 built for him.  It has a tung-oiled maple neck and alder body and ebony fingerboard.  The pickups are DiMarzios (Tone Zone in the bridge position, Blaze in the neck position).  Notice also the headstock inlay - an homage to 80's era Carvins.  Very slick!

See more construction photos right here.

Here are Matt's pointies - on the left, and '86 V440T bass.  In the center, his '87 V220T.  On the right, his custom-made V227.

This is Matt's CT6M (above).   It's got a tung-oil finish with a maple top and mahogany neck and body and ebony fingerboard.  It doesn't have a headstock overlay, so the headstock is mahogany (like the neck), which actually provides for an interesting contrast with the body.  Other features include black hardware and M-style bridge.

This is very cool!  It's a 1957 model 6512 mandolin.  It's obviously seen alot in it's 50-year existence, but it's still in pretty good shape for an instrument of that vintage.  At some point, someone removed the electronics - the single pickup, volume and tone controls and pickguard - but other than that, it seems to be all original.

And this is equally cool - a late 1940's Kiesel model 3HGA tube amp.  It has two instrument inputs as well as a mic input, with a mic volume, master instrument volume and tone controls.  Very nice!