There have been several "tours" of the Carvin facilities in popular magazines, as well as in Carvin's own catalog.  Below are a couple of these interesting documents.  Click each picture to see the full page.

From the February 1984 issue of Guitar Player, this was one of Carvin's first big exposure coups.  Although black-and-white, it still gives an insightful look at the Carvin of the mid-80's.

The 1997 Carvin catalog featured a two-page spread on the inner workings at Carvin.  In contrast to the '84 Guitar Player tour, this one was shot at the new factory in San Diego, and featured neck-through guitars and basses.  Like the GP article, only instruments were covered; no amps or pro audio gear.

In February 2002, Guitar Player magazine featured this brief tour of the Carvin factory.

The November 2003 issue of Bass Player magazine featured a new tour of the Carvin facilities.  Unlike the other published tours, this one showed a little of all the different departments, not just guitars and basses.


Copyright 1984 & 2002, Guitar Player Magazine; 1997 Carvin Corporation; 2003 Bass Player Magazine.  Used by permission.